Looking back and looking forward

Looking Back and Looking Forward:

In a year where we lost Michael Jackson, the NBA Finals and possibly the FOX network, we gained a few more months of summer, the Tiger Woods scandal, and the promise of Sun-Rail here in Central Florida. Unemployment is sky rocketing and people are leaving the state for the first time I can remember. It’s gotta get better right? You better believe it can! Let me explain.

The mortgage crisis caught all of us with our pants down, but as a community, Central Florida is starting to finally adapt. We are re-training ourselves to learn a different trade or an industry. Contractors are shifting to other fields that range from to healthcare to technology. Tourism professionals are attacking other aspects of the business virtually by increasing their focus on marketing to our foreign visitors and bringing money into the state. We’ve heard the recession is over and recovery will be slow, but 2010 will the beginning of that recovery.

Because of the state of well….the state. The 2010 mid-term elections here in Florida are going to be incredible. If you’re a lefty you’ll be trying to defend majority and expect the recovering effects of the policy passed by your party and the president to slowly start working. If you’re Conservative well, then you will only have the biggest backyard Senate primary in the country to worry about. The Crist/Rubio race will garner national attention, in the ultimate David vs. Goliath political event. These elections will be crucial and it will have unheard of popularity for a mid-term.

  Violent Crime is down, Innovation Way is rolling and we’ve got a shiny new arena coming.

The series finale of Lost. You know you were thinking it!

More community unity. It’s not fair that Casey Anthony and tragic shootings have to steal attention from the Non-Profits and other organizations dedicated to helping others. Central Florida has the most citizens dedicated to helping other citizens that I have ever seen. If you look closely, they’re the ones that keep the community together.

Dedicated Teachers that are still making it happen in overcrowded classrooms.

This blog (hopefully)

2009 was tough for a lot of people and I don’t know how much better 2010 will be, but we are seeing a little clearer now. I hope FTS will continue to grow and be a positive part of Central Florida and I hope you and your ambitions are all prosperous.