Superbowl Ad Recap

Quick side note, I hope to have my video blog up and rolling by this weekend. I know I personally prefer a video blog to always reading all the time. Written communication has it flaws and it can be often misunderstood. I will still write entries from time to time, but I am exited that my readers/viewers and clients will have more content to find out what I am all about and how I can help them.

Now on to the Superbowl ads…..I thought it was a pretty decent year. When I wasn’t laughing, I certainly wasn’t bored. It also didn’t hurt that the game was pretty good either, anyways here we go.

Best Ad: Snickers and Betty White. It was one of the first ads of the night and it was hilarious. Betty White is a very likeable celebrity and to use her in something as funny and outrageous as this was great. After the tackle and “that’s not what your girlfriend said last night” it won me over. It was also almost impossible not to remember that it was a Snickers commercial. Making a product likeable, makes it sell better. Terrific stuff.

Runner up: All of the Doritos commercials. I lumped them together because they were all pretty good. Talking to my friends, they seemed to like the “don’t touch my momma” ad the best. Me, I liked the craziness of the Doritos samurai. Once again the product was featured well and they were likeable.

Strangest: TruTv Puxatawny Polamalu. I couldn’t even remember what the ad was about (which for millions of dollars is a very bad thing) but, it was very entertaining and kinda scary. Polamalu is a great spokesperson for Head and Shoulders but he creeped me out there.

Worst: Boost mobile Old Superbowl Shuffle. I have been a Bears fan my whole life, so it bothered me to be reminded how long it’s been since we won the big game. I also brought it up to some of my friends and colleagues the next morning and they replied “What was that one? I didn’t remember it?” What a mess, not to mention it was hard to watch.

And now on to Tim Tebow… I respect the beliefs of both sides involved. I respect Tebow for taking a stand on what he believed in. The one thing I noticed about the ad was how delicately it handled the matter. It was not preachy, and honestly if I hadn’t been looking for it, I might not have even really picked up on it. If I was handling communications for Focus on Family, I would have respectfully given warning that it was not going to be a slap in the face of pro-choice, but an explanation of what our organization believed in. If I was working with the pro-choice side, I would have issued a stiff rebuttal and a reminder of how serious the matter is. This is a professional point of view and not a personal one. If you want a personal one, I’ll buy you a coffee and ill explain it.

I also liked the T-Pain-Budlight ad, the Simpsons Coke spot, and the Dodge Charger-Man ad that was pretty inspiring. Overall it was a very interesting year and if we didn’t have these ads, what would we watch if the game was a blow out?