Going Negative

As the year goes by and we get closer to election time, the mud is really starting to fly. It started out with little jabs and jokes here and there but now no one is smiling anymore. We have accusations about this credit card and those expenses, we’ve got spin on statements that were made by this lawmaker while getting into a car on a windy day, and we’ve got accusations of politicians partying like Jay-Z at swanky locations downtown.

I don’t like mudslinging and if it doesn’t surround the issues, I don’t pay much attention to it.

The candidate that goes off attacking another without real substance comes off looking desperate. They come off looking unfocused and were the first to flinch in the staring contest. If the attack is not done carefully, the candidate can come off sounding a little nuts (see previous post).

Alright, let’s say the campaign is not going well and you must go negative and decide to shed a little light on your opponent’s weaknesses or inconsistencies with the issues. You always attack him or her with hard, black and white facts. Undisputed to everyone regardless of what they want to believe. The best way of addressing a undecided or unfavorable crowds are with the facts. Immune to spin or excuses, you should have had these drawn out before the campaign began. Then you go with character, did your opponent fall back on his word or make a poor character decision at one point? Finally there is the TMZ and SNL stuff; comedy….. have a little fun with it, but if you decide to do this make sure it’s funny! I hate LAME soft attacks (Governor Crist I am talking to you). I believe the best soft attacks should make everyone laugh except your opponent.

If you’re being attacked I don’t believe you should just stand there. Remember that scene in The Untouchables with Costner and Connery in the church? If you don’t then go back and watch it, it’s great. Bottom line if they shoot something your way, shoot two things back there way. They say your soft with “A” you fire back that they’re unqualified to deal with “B” and “C” and last summer they…and so on. I don’t like mudslinging but I don’t think anyone should be pushed around for months leading up to an election.

If you enjoy this kind of thing then I have good news for you. The media does too….. and with Mid-terms approaching, and social media blowing up, your going to have a front seat to some of the best mudslinging this country has ever seen….just be sure you don’t get any on yourself and that it doesn’t blind you from the truth on election day.