Crist vs. Rubio Rd. 1

I make it no secret that I don’t like what the governor has done during his time in office. He took almost a month off to chase John McCain around the country trying to get the nod for VP only to lose it to Sarah Palin. He proclaimed last November “Hire a Vet” month only to push, already existing Workforce programs that don’t work and I know if we send him to Washington he will only try to get on the bottom of the ticket again in 2012 and bolt before his term as Senator is over.

On Sunday the Governor and Marco Rubio finally got to debate and Charlie Crist’s lack of substance finally got to him. He decided not worry about those pesky issues that affect Florida, but to instead worry about Speaker Rubio’s spending……that was it…that was his attack. The football equivalent of running the ball up the middle on every play with a 90 pound running back, the Texas Hold em’ equivalent of trying to win a hand with a pair of 4’s. He got dissed on the video daily double of Jeb Bush and admitted that he would have been one of the 4 (I forget the exact number) of Republican Senators that would have voted for the stimulus.

Now let’s pause for a second, I have friends and readers who are Democrats and they probably agree with the stimulus, they were probably making faces during the entire show….that’s normal you shouldn’t agree with a lot of the things these guys were saying but this is a Republican primary. I believe that might have been the biggest blunder of the debate. This might play well during a general election but he should not have mentioned it while courting conservative votes.

Rubio didn’t exactly hit any homeruns with the issues either. He kinda sat back and let the Governor look petty. Chris Wallace must have had a bad Saturday night because he was definitely taking a lot of jabs at Crist, he even made the Governor promise that he would not run as an Independent even though he would be more competitive as one. Charlie promised after some tap dancing…makes me wonder….

There is word of a Meet the Press debate. That would be pretty cool. Say what you want about David Gregory he would hopefully push for something more than the “Slapfight” we got on Sunday. Anyways, both sides go back to the lab and try to pull words from Sunday and use them against their opponents in the future.