Brand Identity

I meet a lot of professionals here in Orlando, that are making the same jump I made about a year back. They are putting the necessary pieces together to start a small business. Talented individuals or partnerships slaving over all the details to make sure their operation hits the ground running and never stops moving. They have the smarts, they have a plan but they are neglecting one of the most important aspects of starting their business that will help them connect with their target market; who they are.

Establishing a brand identity is so important in this Internet, Youtube, Facebook society we live in. Does your business effectively reflect who you are? Does your ideal consumer or client identify how you can help them? We all have a vision for how we want our business to look and operate, the style we conduct our business and how we communicate.

I like to be able to look at a website or a business card and not only have the information needed to decide whether I want to go with your business but also an undertone, a feeling on how you go about serving your clientele. If you’re a computer repair service, does the copy on your site communicate what kind of an operation you run? Are you coming across as the friendly next door neighbor kind of service or something more of a secret Geek Squad type of an operation?

This is not only important, but fun! Exercise that right side of the brain! Hire talented, creative designers and writers to help you get the right kind of message across.  People love customization, making something especially for themselves to show to others, who they are. Your business should be no exception.