The Primary game-

As we move closer to the elections, I watch panels and debates on television and the web, and watch these candidates answer questions (there are no easy questions these days). One trend I notice are candidates trying to recycle a damaged message, and they get caught with follow up questions that they can’t answer effectively. These are intelligent men and women, so why would they allow themselves to be trapped this way.

Because they have primaries to win…Republicans vs. Republicans and Democrats vs. Democrats. These are elections held within each party, to determine who will represent your party in that race….kinda like American Idol or the NBA playoffs. They have to win this thing first before they go anywhere. That’s why you saw President Obama and Hilary Clinton beating the crap out of each other before Obama went on to win in 08′. Your casual voters, that don’t show up for non-presidential elections forget this, and the interviewer doesn’t give a damn about your primary.

The interviewer wants moderate, general election answers and moderation in this kind of angry environment during a primary will kill you.

If you are within “earshot” of this blog, then the congressional seats are held by Democrats (except for Rep. Mica). You will here a lot of conservative candidates quoting and using Ronald Regan as their blueprint for success. They will do this because, he was a strong, well liked, Republican that did great things while in office.

He appeals to both Democrats and Republicans and he won’t scare away primary votes.

The message of a candidate is suppose to evolve….you take your party’s belief system and your plan and go out there and campaign to win; After you win your primary, you go out there and take your belief system and your plan and remind voters that its about them and if they give you the chance, you will be able to lead them into a bright and prosperous future.

It’s an aspect of politics that I don’t think enough people know about.