Governor Crist's walk on the beach

We are men…We watch sports, we eat dead animals, and most certainly not least, look at women. I do it, my male readers do it, and can’t leave the girls out,they check out the guys.

and all of us are more discrete at doing it, then Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

Charlie Crist went strutting on Miami Beach on Monday to check out the sights, you know, our beautiful beaches that are facing the worst environmental disaster in history

Charlie was strolling on the beach with the media, when he crossed paths, with two bikini clad ladies and then the “guy” in Florida’s tanned, independent leader took over for a sec, in front of the photographer I will use to the captions in these photos, to let you know what was on Charlie’s mind.

Well, here we are Miami beach, during this horrible.....whoa...hey baby..I want to know what issues, your into! I'd like to take you to D.C with me!

Oh, crap... I didn't do a good job at covering that up. Now this guy wants to talk to me, I'll pretend not to see him, he's probably a Rubio guy anyways..

Start talking, start talking....what to say?...Heyyyy how about that Harry Potter in Orlando?

Yeah, he got busted pretty good, and I’m sure his wife will squeeze a lime that she pulled out of a corona bottle, in his eyes when he gets home.

There is a correct way to appreciate the opposite sex and it’s exactly, the opposite way Charlie Crist did it, during that walk on Miami beach.

Have a great weekend!