11 Hour Tennis Matches, Tea Party Chaos, and World Cup Stuff.

It was a busy week! I could go on and on, but it’s a beautiful day out, so I will just get to it.

I know dishonest politics, when I see it and that’s what I’ve been seeing from the Florida Tea Party…which is an untrue version of the Tea Party Movement…confused? I don’t blame you. If you’re Democrat, stay with me because it’s pretty interesting stuff..

Let’s say your name is Jake, and your the best mechanic in town. You go around and fix cars and people appreciate what you do. You work hard and make a good name for yourself. Jake the mechanic, is good for the community…..until.

Some guys, decides to open Jake’s auto shop, registers it with the state and begins to pretend like you work there. Your customers don’t know any better and by the time they drop off their cars, you’ve lost your business and money.

Jake is the Tea Party movement, the Florida Tea Party are the tricky guys at the Auto shop, and we’re not talking money, we’re talking votes…and its dishonest in any environment, business or politics. The two sides got into shoving match in front of the OC Supervisor of elections, and in front of the media. It sounds silly, but to the actual people, behind the movement that worked hard to get the vote out, it’s not really fair, and to the average voter, it’s kinda confusing. Here are the players involved.

The Real Tea Party Movement in Central Florida can be found here

This is the spokesperson of the Florida Tea Party (not affiliated with the movement)

Ok, that's not him...but it looks like him!

Oh Ok, I got it...here he is...

I actually couldn’t even find, the Florida Tea Party website. The Florida Tea Party (TEA on the ballot) could wreak havoc on close elections, with casual voters, voting for someone they believe represents one thing, but is actually on the other side. The winner in this scenario are the Democrats, who will have their opposition’s vote split.

How about that 11 hour tennis match. They say, you could have watched the match start, decided “Hey, I’d like to catch the end of that match”, gotten on a plane from NY to London, drive to Wimbledon, just in time to catch the end of it……Wow! 11 hours?! I’m exhausted after 1 hour of watching “True Blood”. How do you think their feet felt? All of that running and sudden stopping, that pinch your foot gets in your shoes, when you have to throw on the brakes… The sad part was, the winner lost his next game in 76 minutes…which is considered a short match in Tennis…he was exhausted and probably won’t be able to enjoy walking for about a week.

Finally, the United States lost to Ghana (The Land of Gold) yesterday. They were just two quick for us. I’ve been inspired and I might start playing again. I’ve always been okay at soccer at 5’9, 200lbs…I’m not built for too much else. I hope that we, as a country can stay interested in the rest of the tournament, and make a real push to be more competitive in 2014.