Political Stocks…Who's up, Who's Down in Orlando

I know this is not a new concept, but I like the way this might work as we get closer to election time. Short, Sweet bullets over who’s stock is rising and who’s is falling in Central Florida Politics.

Who’s Up!

Daniel Webster- He entered the race late, but he started racking up the endorsements and he was the first on TV. Normally, I don’t like being the first on TV, this far from the primary (Aug 24th), but by being the first on TV, he presents himself as a familiar face that has been there all along. Here is his ad

Alan Grayson- Ugh….the big money train keeps gaining speed…he got endorsements from President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) and Oliver Stone. Here is the endorsement from President Bartlett

Todd Long- Got an endorsement from the tough on immigration and Crime, Sheriff Joe Arapio…This is the sheriff that makes his convicts, wear pink underwear and live in tents. This is a golden endorsement in a Republican Primary.

Commissioner Linda Stewart, Peter Clarke, Lydia Pisano (candidates for District 4 in Orange county) : Would have voted against or did vote against the urban sprawl project

Who’s down:

Bill Segal- Laid out a big list of demands on video for an unnecessary development last week and when they didn’t give in to his demands…..well, he voted for them anyways.

Ross Beiling: The little know candidate running in the District 8 primary (winner faces Alan Grayson)…straight out lied, during a candidate forum last week, saying that “Dan Webster has not attended one candidate forum”…Really Ross?..Kurt Kelly, put you in check and its a good thing too, because what you were saying, just wasn’t true…Here is a photo of you sitting next to Dan Webster at the RJC candidate forum.

Webster and Beiling at the forum, Beiling said Webster wasn't at

Craig Miller- Not only has Craig Miller been implicated in some nasty attacks….He was on TV Sunday, saying he was the only candidate in the Dist 24 primary that has created jobs. Truths can be stretched, so far before they snap and become lies…thats what Craig Miller did on TV, this week. There are at least 3 other candidates in that race that have created jobs.

Tiffany Moore Russell, Scot Boyd- Voted for the Urban Sprawl development project that adds unneeded real estate and threatens nearby environmental areas

Yeah, I think I will run this concept about once a week. Its fun to write and hopefully its fun to read.