Candidate Profile: Teresa Jacobs

This is my last candidate profile for Orange County Mayor, aka the most important race, that effects things, in your everyday lives. This race is where the rubber meets the road, guys. Today, we have…

Teresa Jacobs

Name: Teresa Jacobs
Currently running for: Orange County Mayor
Background: Former 2 term County Commissioner, President:Florida association of counties.

Strengths: Experience with controversial issues, pro ethics reform, Climbing the ladder of government, instead of taking the express elevator, appeals to all voters. Campaign leadership.

Weaknesses: Late entry, She also has to deal with constant attack from Bill Segal and Matt Falconer, who identified her as a threat before she even entered the race.

Personal Experience: Teresa Jacobs was one of the few people running for office, that didn’t try to sell to me. There were a lot of opinion leaders in this town that wanted her to run and after I met her, I knew why…she’s actually honest! More than once, I’ve heard her take the “hard right” answer over the “easy wrong” answer during debates. She won’t promise you anything, she can’t deliver on.

Chances she’ll win? Great, but not certain…

My Summary: Did you ever drop a twenty or fifty on the sidewalk, and have someone pick it up, and go out of their way, to give it back to you, when they could have just kept it? Remember that feeling of relief you got? Teresa Jacobs has got that kind of integrity and that’s what county government needs right now. That’s my opinion…now let me look at the facts.

Bill Segal has been running since last year, he’s got the money, and has been lining up endorsements, like dominos for a while now. He is the front runner right now and I’ve seen him lose his cool one, count it, one time…He’s tough.

Teresa Jacobs has to compete with him to get her message out, at the same time fend off attacks from Matt Falconer. I’ve gone on record as saying that her campaign has the best mix of people and fundraising, I’ve seen. Thats the kind of campaign, I would want if I were running. She’ll advance past the primary on August 24th and be in the runoff till the end in November.

Money and the powerful (Bill Segal) vs. Ethics and the people (Jacobs)

Who ya got?