Political Stocks: Whos up? Whos Down?

Welcome to another edition of political stocks, who is up and who is down, in O-town!

This post is centered around the results of the 8th district Orlando Sentinel Op-ed interviews. The endorsement from the hometown newspaper is a big deal. A lot of your over 50 voters, and retirees in this, older community will still sit down, have their coffee and read the paper. These same voters will also vote in non-presidential elections, so yeah, it can be a big deal.

Do you want to see, what the candidates are really made of? Take a look at these interview videos. They’re not the easiest interviews to watch. Mike Lafferty and company, sit the candidates down, stick a mic and a camera in their face, and verbally beat them with the toughest questions they can think of, in a silent board room, The whole experience is rather uncomfortable, but this is as real as it gets, folks. Here are the stocks:

Who’s up:

Dan Webster: He strolled right into this Republican primary, after waiting till the last minute and had a solid fundraising quarter. He took the Orlando Sentinel endorsement, even though they grilled him on Teri Schaivo for almost five minutes of the video.

Todd Long, Kurt Kelly: It looks like the race, to beat Alan Grayson is a 3 horse event now. Long and Kelly didn’t get the endorsements, but the generally positive, write up from the Sentinel, gave voters enough to re-enforce their faith in these two candidates. I don’t think they lost any votes, they might have had before.

Karen Diebel: My non district 8 stock, is Karen Diebel. Her timing for TV was perfect. She had a solid fundraising quarter and against the astonishingly dull Craig Miller, she seems to be the right choice for Republicans in the primary. You can check out her commercial here.

Who is down?

Bruce O’donoghue: I like Bruce, but he hasn’t been getting any love from the older Republican guard, since Dan Webster jumped in the race. It doesn’t seem very fair, a lot of people wanted him to run and now the support that was suppose to be there, isn’t showing up. I wouldn’t count him out yet though, he’s still got some sharp minds backing him.

Dan Fanelli, Ross Beiling: Can’t raise any money, can’t win a straw poll, can’t get any media coverage. Got slammed by the Sentinel Op-Ed.

I exclude Patricia Sullivan, because I look at those pictures and I see A LOT of people, that is the definition of a grassroots campaign and she was the first candidate to sit for my very boring military briefing. Her strategy centers around strong support in the perimeters of the district. My eyes don’t reach Lake county, so I won’t count her out, yet. She is also about the nicest person you can know.

Bill McCollum and Kendrick Meek: It’s a damn shame, but McCullom is pulling back some of his Ads, while Rick Scott is ramping up his. On the left side of the Senate Race Jeff Greene, is trying to do the same to Kendrick Meek. You can’t be allowed to buy public office, guys. My Democratic readers, you need to vote Kendrick Meek…the best man in Jeff Greene’s wedding was Mike Tyson for crying out loud.

Your communications director for the next Senator from Florida?

Have a great day, people!