Gone in 2490 seconds and $100 dollars to punch Grayson

Days like yesterday, are the reason I love Central Florida politics. We had our lawmakers go up to Tallahassee and give our Governor the “political finger” and we had a faux bounty put out, on a Congressman.

What can you do in 49 minutes? You can watch 2 episodes of “Friends” without the commercials. You can drive from Orlando to Daytona Beach, if there’s no traffic. You can have a pizza delivered.

You can also hold a special session of the state legislature concerning the biggest environmental disaster in the history of the U.S.

On Tuesday our state reps marched up to Tally and went to work, out of session, to my non politicos out there, that is kinda like going to work on a Sunday, when you work bankers hours. In this case, it would be going to work on Sunday, because your boss wants a promotion and wants you to do something that was basically already done. It’s already against the law to drill ofshore in Florida, but our Governor wants to be a senator, so that he can eventually be President or Vice President. Anyways the state legislature, basically said We are not going to play your political games, just so you can get elected. Not to mention that the state ledge, is under Republican control and Crist left the party, to be more competitive with Marco Rubio. I guess I could best compare it to asking your ex-girlfriend to borrow 500 dollars.

Anyways, they weren’t playin’ that and they closed session, got back into their cars and were home in time for “Hells Kitchen”.

He sticks out doesn't he?

Man, our Governor is a trip! He got out with the protesters slapped on a sticker and start shouting “Let the people, vote!” I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I really hope people can see past, this guy in November.

Alright, so who was right and who was wrong? They were both wrong, really. Crist called this session for a few points in the polls and it worked, he painted the “Do nothing legislature” as lazy and selfish and the naive saw through it. The state reps were wrong too, they were already up there, they could have gone over a few things. Your at work anyways, right? I can give you my analysis of what the state reps were thinking, though. There is only a month before the primary elections, if some of these guys didn’t get back here as soon as possible to campaign, they might be out of a job and what happens, during special session won’t matter. Is it selfish? Ofcourse…but thats the way it is.

What’s this? Someone wants to punch Alan Grayson? This is not news, you can walk down the middle of his district and find hundreds of people that would want to, but yesterday someone went to far.

Dan Gainor a conservative media critic, tweeted. $100 dollars to the first member of congress, who will punch Alan Grayson. Grayson was on the house floor, earlier asking god to have mercy on the soul of Republicans. He gave a passionate speech on how all conservatives are wealthy, and we all have yachts and art. It was just an opportunity to grab some stock footage for his next commercial and he gave that speech in front of one person.

Don’t punch Alan Grayson, that was a stupid tweet.

I’m not wealthy, he’s worth millions. He wears $2000 dollars suits, I go “off the clearance rack” at Ross. He drives luxury cars, on some days my car AC doesn’t work. I can listen to his rhetoric, have a good laugh and move on.

Physical violence won’t hurt Alan Grayson, but you really want to know what will?

November 2nd approx 10PM

Alan Grayson: 45%
GOP Primary winner: 55%

Don't punch him, beat him in November. I promise you that will hurt much more.

What a great day, to live in Florida!