Alan Grayson's DVD Spectacular and Stealing Signs!

You guys remember when I went all “Russel Crowe” on you guys the other day, when I backed 4 candidates in the race to beat Alan Grayson? Well, things like this are the reason, I did it.

He spent 73,000 dollars of taxpayer money to produce a DVD of his shining moments in Congress. Are you kidding me? You could have put two teachers to work for that much… and now we’re all getting a self promoting DVD instead.

Every potential Grayson opponent should be blasting out statements renouncing this behavior. This needs to be a bullet point on every mailer. You may be able to spin his antics on the house floor and his trashy language to the media as being an anti-hero and sticking it to those nasty Republicans.

You can’t justify spending that much money on a DVD, we don’t need , when this many people are out of work.

Stealing Signs—-

Look at this genius…

I hope those signs were worth it..

State Rep candidate Greg Brown (R) was caught, on camera with his wife stealing from his primary opponent Doug Broxson (R) , in the Pensacola area. What was he thinking? That race is too far away for me to follow, but it doesn’t matter how far behind you were in the polls, this is the stake in the heart. There are signs, I would love to punt 15 ft in the air, but I don’t mess with them and you shouldn’t either (unless, they’re on your property). It shows your scare but worst of all, it demonstrates a lack of integrity and maturity. If this guy manages to win, he definitely would have stole the seat too.

Take care guys and leave the signs alone!