Lets call in sick? Is Rick Scott fading?

Oh what a stiff stand on immigration can do…

I was here just a couple of days ago telling you that this was Bill McCollum’s last stand and while, I suppose it still could be, his stand on immigration this week, finally got his mojo going again.

I'm not finished yet..

Meanwhile Rick Scott still can’t conquer the media. C’mon man! Just stand in front of the microphone and smile! Its not that hard. Your worth 218 million dollars and you couldn’t hire a decent public relations guy to show you how to do this?! I get frustrated because, when I was 11 years old, I gave a book report presentation that sounded a lot better than half of this guys Q&As… take this interview I got from the Orlando Sentinel yesterday, that had Rick Scott get caught in a tough spot, concerning his business fraud..

“It’s a private matter, and I will not release the deposition,” he said.

Q: “I understand it’s a private matter, but the deposition …”

Scott cut off the reporter. “I told you, I am not releasing them. It’s a private matter…”

Q: “But you are running for governor.”

A: “I am running for governor.”

Q: “…on your business record and this.”

A: “I told you right now, I’m not releasing it. What else?”

When a reporter pressed yet again, Scott went off.

“You can, you can ask the same question one hundred times, I’ll give you the same answer – it’s a private matter,” he said. “I’m running for governor, alright? If we want to talk about that race, if we want to talk about jobs, which is what these people care about, if we want to talk about education, if you want to talk about healthcare, that’s great, but I’m not talking about private matters.”

Q: “You’re here to talk, I mean you’re here to talk about this.”

A: “I’m not doing it – what else?”

Let’s say I was working for Scott, I probably would have eased in and said….

Spokesman Frank Torres: “Wellll….alright. I’m glad you guys came out and so is Rick.. and we can’t wait to talk to you guys again at our next stop on the road to victory on August 24th and then again in November. We are in this to win this….Lets go to work baby!”

Okay, maybe not like that but still a heck of a lot better than the way Rick took it.

Do you talk, through this end?

Rick Scott thought he was going to be able to avoid the media but he was wrong. The road to the Governor’s mansion runs, right through the TV cameras.