Last second publicity… stunts

Here we are less than a week away from the primaries and it’s time for candidates to start airing out that political football. It’s time to take that last deep breath before going under for the grind leading up to next Tuesday. Let’s have a football like discussion of what plays the candidates are trying to run on us.

It's the two minute warning in the primary game

Matt Falconer vs. Bill Segal – The Black Knight (Falconer) has decided to take the fight to the presumed frontrunner of the Orange County Mayor race, Commissioner Bill Segal. Falconer sent a letter to the Governor, asking for an investigation relating to Bill Segal’s role in the arrest of former OC Mayor candidate Mildred Fernandez.

Result of the play?: 1st down resulting in 3 points on a field goal. In the confusion and high Republican turnout, thus far this election cycle. It was finally refreshing to see Matt Falconer go after the man with the money. This only works because of blocks thrown by his fellow candidates. Linda Stewart and Teresa Jacobs agreed that its something that needs to be looked into. If this is the last thing the casual voter hears about this race before August 24th, it works in his favor.

Bill Segal and Craig Miller Ad buys
: These guys are gonna run ads as long as it takes. A local paper says that Miller’s negative piece on Sandy Adams and untrue facts about Karen Diebel (the candidate I’m supporting in this race) ad will air over 300 times until next Tuesday.

Result of the play: Touchdown…wait there is a flag on the field. Segal was called out by local news saying that he couldn’t have single-handedly accomplished everything in that commercial. Miller’s ad was also called false by the Orlando Sentinel and other political blogs. They might score, if the voters don’t see the penalties (bad info) on the replay.

Republicans vs. the Ground Zero Mosque
: If you are in a Republican primary, you are calling the President’s stance to allow a mosque near ground zero in New York foul and your telling it to every member of the media you see.

Result on the play: We’ll call it a 40 yard gain on a pass thrown by the President. Popular opinion opposes this Mosque and to be able to use the President’s comments regarding it, this close to a primary is the perfect pass.

Pam Bondi’s Sarah Palin endorsement/ Bill McCullom’s Mike Huckabee endorsement: The name of the play speaks for itself.

Result on the play: Touchdown. Say whatever you think of Sarah Palin but whatever she signs off on, in this tough of a Republican primary certainly helps. The same, to a lesser extent can be said about Mike Huckabee. I can tell you, that undecided voters will be thrown off the fence when they see these names. Palin and Huckabee endorsements come with built in votes.

The Peyton Manning of Republican political football