Strange days….

I saw 6 Dan Webster high school aged sign wavers at Colonial at Orange, during rush hour just down the street from some dangerous looking people.

Mildred Fernandez got more camera time than the candidates, still in the Orange County Mayoral Race.

Ross Bieling…..Bieling! The most quiet candidate in the 8th congressional district race, Mind you has hit TV and put the whole Republican party on blast.

Yes, Republicans are old and out of touch, but I would still like they're nomination

Holly Benson followed Pam Bondi’s Sarah Palin endorsement, with a nod from Newt Gingrich.

Alan Grayson went to regulate in Seaworld.

Whats Alan Grayson doing here?!

All of these things leading up to Tuesday’s big primary contest. You are probably seeing sign wavers…everywhere! If you like that candidate go ahead and honk, if you do not…please do not curse at them and give them the finger. They are out there doing they’re part to be part of the process.

Mildred Fernandez has decided to use the “Segal is after me” defense and try to get State Attorney Lawson Lamar thrown off the case, because of his connections to him. All I can see is that hidden cam footage of her taking that money and her instructions about fake names on campaign reports. Who knows how this will end up…

Ross Bieling says in his commercial that he is the most conservative candidate and wears that label with honor and then goes on the Sentinel blog and says that the party is old and out of touch. I don’t like Bieling, he lied about Webster’s attendance record at forums and often swings too far right, right off the map. I got this guy last in the race, maybe 6th and stuff like this, is the reason why.

After Hurricane Palin was unleashed by Pam Bondi yesterday, Holly Benson threw the wrath of stiff wind, Newt Gingrich back at her. I shouldn’t say that but Newt isn’t the one Tina Fey is playing every other week on Saturday Night Live.

I don't think she could pull off Newt Gingrich..

Finally, in a sign that Alan Grayson needs an opponent before he goes crazy, he “intervened” in the OSHA safety investigation at Sea World. It’s good to know that the Congressman from the 8th has marine life on his list of issues important to the voters.

I forfeit the rest of my time, I have to make it to the Penguin encounter before it closes

Strange days and they’re only going to get stranger, before Tuesday.