Rick Scott's mommy and some notes before the big week

Alright, real fast let’s give OC Mayoral Candidate Commissioner Bill Segal some polite applause..

Segal finally puts 2 and 2 together

That was business 22 of Bill Segal’s 40 businesses in 40 hours, Facebook gimmick. In all fairness, its kinda neat but I’m not gonna vote for him.

Is it me or does that symbol in Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas’ sign look like an asterisk * …

* Conditional duties?

What does it mean?
* Rude field reps?
* Only appears on friendly ground
* NASA not included
* Subject to change on the issues at any given moment

Well…..there goes the the Attorney General Bill McCollum wandering into traffic on Colonial during rush hour. How dangerous is that?! Alex Sink and Rick Scott have dreams about this sorta thing!

Can someone go get him please!?

Speaking of Rick Scott, he did what a lot of us did we when we were 4 years old and afraid of the boogieman….

He sent in his mom.

Yesterday, little Ricky Scott sent his mom, Esther Scott to a voter forum and avoided a side by side comparison, with the guy who was just wandering through traffic, Attorney General and fellow GOP candidate Bill McCullom. His campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Baker, who should be blocking for the Florida Gators covered for Scott (again), who was hanging out on the Panhandle.

Meanwhile earlier in the day, Bill McCullom was “Shooting the bull” with Rudy Giuliani and trying to win this thing.

awwww they care about each other's Bran intake

Ok, by this time next week we will have set races for the November General elections. The political landscape in Central Florida will have changed and things are going to get a little exiting.

The Tuesday primaries are going to be brutal, and finally all these vicious bareknuckle brawls are gonna be over. A lot of people are going to get knocked out.

Who better to watch it with than me?

Please checkout FOX 35 all of next week to catch my political analysis of all of the local races. It will probably be my last ride before my more seasoned (older) colleagues take over.

Have a great weekend guys, and as always Thank You!