Mike Huckabee rallies for Karen Diebel and Dan Webster

What’s one of the last things voters will see before they head out to the polls on Tuesday?

Mike Huckabee hanging out with Karen Diebel and Dan Webster…

Mike Huckabee and Karen Diebel on a Sunday afternoon

Huckabee endorsed Karen Diebel in June

Huckabee meets with Diebel supporters

One of Dan Websters' many endorsements

He was 45 minutes late, but I don't think anyone in the Webster camp cared

Huckabee was recieved well by Webster's younger supporters

Things like this matter during the last days leading up to an election. Its that last impression to the undecided voters. Were they gonna vote for Craig Miller before? They might not now. Were they gonna vote for Dan Fanelli before? They might not now. Mike Huckabee is a Republican juggernaut that is in the same league as Palin, and Beck. Appearances like the ones he made today will win over the GOP in Central Florida.

I guess we’ll see on Tuesday.