More Huckabee – Diebel/Webster stuff, no sleep and final primary thoughts

Here are a couple of more photos from Mike Huckabee’s visit to rally for Karen Diebel and Dan Webster. A great visit from a pretty nice guy…

A great crowd for the event...

Huckabee addressing the crowd

If I lived in the 24th district, I would vote for Karen Diebel, said Huckabee

Can you spot the other man running for office in this picture?

I liked the draft pick thing going on here

Huck meets the family

Are you a candidate or someone really involved in a campaign, whose fate will be one of many decided tomorrow? Well I’m publishing this thing at about 815 pm, which means your not going to read it any earlier than 930pm and if you’ve got a primary or municipal race tomorrow then your probably not going to get enough rest.

Were you tossing and turning and reading this at 1am? I’m not mad at you, some say my blog is the best cure for insomnia, but really, its tough. So much work, money, time and it all comes down to tomorrow and if its just a primary, then you still have one more of these nights to look forward to.

Have you thought about quitting the campaign? Picking up and going home? If you did well, its tough and if you can’t hang, you can’t hang but if you stuck with it, good for you. This crap ain’t easy. I’m a writer and I still feel for the candidates and their people and I admire their dedication.

I’ve met everyone running for office from Downtown to the St. Johns river and they’re are no evil people running. There are good people running against good people and its unfortunate that it’s got to end for some tomorrow.

It can’t be easy.

Wednesday will still come though and fallen campaigns will stand back up and dust themselves off and move on to bigger and better things.

Life is too short to do otherwise.

Make sure to watch FOX 35 for all of your primary action, all day tomorrow. I’ll be on there with some other guys who really know their stuff.

Good night and try to get some rest, you’ve got a big day tomorrow!