The week in review and looking forward…

It has been a crazy week on all levels for so many people.

A well connected professional in this town told me how many candidates she saw in church last Sunday. I replied to her “Well, let’s see how many you see in church this week, after the primaries are over.”

The billionaire (Jeff Greene) lost and the millionaire (Rick Scott) won, go figure. The Republican party of Florida, now tries to rally around someone they didn’t want and has to find a way to get this guy elected, against a popular Democrat (Alex Sink) who is pushing a non-partisan platform, that will be very popular with moderates and disgruntled Bill McCollum supporters.

The TV ads aren’t as intense, although there still here. They will slowly ramp up, as the parties get involved, especially in the congressional races, and speaking of those races, we’ll see alot of these two in the next couple of months.

The Devil vs. Daniel Webster

The one thing about the Grayson/Webster race is that their communication styles are so different. Grayson’s brutal, offensive and at times vulgar dialogue against a soft spoken, but powerful public speaker in Dan Webster. The two are so different, Alan Grayson is a boombox blasting deathmetal and Webster is a Bose radio playing Beethoven. It’s a matter of personal taste, of what you prefer.

I felt bad for everyone that lost a primary, yet had the strength to endorse the winner in their race. I said before that’s not easy to do and over the last few months, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the candidates. I had favorites but I remember those finance reports, those t-shirts that won’t be relevant again and the disappointed supporters (they worked hard too).

Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, and Alex Sink are already off and running after saving money on either a weak primary opponent or none at all. Kendrick Meek and Rick Scott will have to dig down for a couple of more months and the President will have to set up camp here in Florida for Meek to have a shot.

I will offer this prediction… You will see President Barack Obama in Orlando soon, campaigning for Alan Grayson, Suzanne Kosmas and Kendrick Meek. He will do it all in one shot and it will wake up the left and have them writing checks.

On a personal note, this blog broke two thousand readers this week (a new record). Looking at my stats it was due to last minute voter research and my television appearances. I had a great time doing TV with the big dogs and after all the time, I put in on the trail getting to know these candidates and studying their platforms, I couldn’t have drawn up a better way to bring the primaries to an end.

It’s up to everyone to go to work for a candidate. Get involved. Democrat or Republican, find someone you believe in. Its going to be an exiting Fall.

Let’s get to work (Doh!)