Republican unity and everybody loves Rick Scott

Yesterday we had the Democratic Unity meeting and it looked like a pleasant affair.

The Republicans were not to be outdone however, with or without Bill McCullom, they had a great turnout for a Monday afternoon rush hour and make no mistake, they are standing with Rick Scott.

Conservatives in Central Florida flocked to downtown Orlando to heal the party after some tough primaries and start the charge to November.

The former candidates are ready to stand with Dan Webster, all said some very kind words

Full house, great media coverage, all we needed was a keg

Criss crossing the state for a gubernatorial candidate can make the world a little blurry

Your starting line up for the Republicans in November

Rick Scott had the crowd asking...Who was he running against, again?

Scott seem to do fine with the media on Monday

Now, lets get real for a second. Would it be nice to have McCullom support for Scott’s run? Ofcourse, but one message the party sent out during this rally was that they’re moving on and they’re gonna win in November. I’m sure they would welcome Bill McCullom with open arms if he comes around, and half of the VIPs at this ceremony were trying to get him the nomination but they’re rolling with Rick, no matter where he takes them.

Game on..