Tiger Bay Mayoral Debate Analysis

On Friday Bill Segal and Teresa Jacobs debated during the monthly meeting of the Tiger Bay Club. Now, I can’t afford hundreds of dollars on the membership fee, so I couldn’t go, but Local 6 was kind enough to post it online here as always I encourage you to watch along with me as I break it all down.

:35- Okay, here we go. Its strange watching these two without Linda Stewart and Matt Falconer. I’m going to miss Ms. Stewart’s honesty and polite answers and I’m going to miss the nervous chatter after Falconers answer explosions but here we go.

:55- Jacobs thanks the voters for their support and mentions that money can’t buy elections. Thats cool…but someone should ask Bill McCullom that question.

I'm sure Bill McCullom would disagree with the theory that money can't buy an election.

1:43: Segal “the race ain’t over till the large lady sings” …

2:35: “I’ve tabbed some of the greatest minds in this community to develop my 27 point plan” Greatest minds in the lobbying, and special interests community perhaps.

3:06: Segal says he can work with people everyday of the week. Well, thats nice.

4:21: He admits that Innovation Way wasn’t perfect and well.. he voted for it anyways.

Now let me take a break here. I’ve been tough on Commissioner Segal recently and I’m gonna be a little brutal on Segal today, but I’m not sure if an OC Mayor like Bill Segal is a good thing. There are just too many red flags that pop up when your listening to this guy’s plan. I might be harsh at times, but thats because these two are just really different on they’re approaches and Segal’s plan favors the wealthy, so much.

If he gets elected he’s going to work with his rich and powerful buddies. Now I’m not saying that if elected Segal will do nothing for the middle class and lower middle class, but the guys he wants to work with, to carry out his plans have no incentive to help the everyday family, here in Orange County. They just don’t care…

I’ll leave Bill alone for a little bit after today, but it needs to be said.

4:35- Growth management or Job Growth, Jacobs says why not have both.

5:30: The gentleman in the Navy blazer to your 5 o’clock must have missed breakfast because he is chowing down on…what is that, chicken? Take it easy there, buddy..

The guy in the navy blazer must have adopted this guy's eating style..

6:37: Lauren Rowe pushes Jacobs for a more detailed response. Being a responsible moderator during debate can be uncomfortable. Some candidates and members of the crowd will shoot you some nasty looks.

6:54: Can someone ask the gentleman upfront if he can turn down the volume on that sports coat, its far too loud.

Ahh the tweety bird, shade of yellow sports coat

8:18: Crowd shot, I like this, its almost like being there and I can still pay my rent.

9:10: Segal is throwing the “Jacobs is a lobbyist” card out there. Bringing up her employer Tindale and Oliver. It looks like thats the horse he’s gonna ride, till November.

9:36: Jacobs says decisions should be made in a public forum, not behind closed doors…

10:20 The timekeeper was getting ready to charge. I’ve been in the room with her during other debates…you don’t want to get her mad.

11:22: Wow these two are slugging it out….

12:10: First mention of the “No name club” parties hosted by lobbyist and there really fancy and girls aren’t allowed. Segal is known to hang out at these things and it wouldn’t surprise me if several other people in that room were also attendees.

13:36: “Political skills” are not dirty words. Politicians can however, at times throw mud.

1413: The guy in the Navy blue coat is still going to work on that plate.

1445: Cost associated with Vision. So many candidates have this vision and no one explains how there going to pay for it. Jacobs is smart to bring that up, because Segal’s 27 point plan doesn’t

1640: Tax Cuts vs Efficient government and the crowd applauds at Jacobs’ “No promises, she can’t keep” platform.

18:11: Jacobs gets a little frustrated with Lauren’s philosophical question. I have a philosophical question for my landlady. If my plumbing fails and you don’t read my e-mails or take my phone calls, is it really broken?

1840: Social issues in a county level election. This unfortunately does affect the opinion of voters even though OC mayor has little to do with it. Segal mentions that, and he’s right.

I can’t understand why people insists on partisanship in a non-partisan election. Are we trying to stir the pot? Are we saying “Hey, we’re agreeing on way too much, lets find more stuff to fight about”.

21:42- I’m checking out Commissioner Segal’s tie. I can’t wear pink…or yellow, or orange…come to think of it. I’m not crazy about ties either!

22:02- Lauren Rowe mentions that both candidates ducked her last the question and she is exactly correct. Good for her to mention it!

A politician's favorite superhero? Spiderman of course, no one can dodge attack, like he can!

22:22- Okay Bill, that was kinda funny. Listening to voters…

23:45- Fist pump by Lauren Rowe. Yeah she’s my favorite debate moderator.

25:37- Segal touts that he made the Magic pay for five Gyms in Orange County…fair enough, that was a good deed.

28:33- Rowe gives Segal a “This is Tiger Bay, let go!” on the next question. Segal says men should support him because he likes football and women should support him because he is a great guy. This guy sounds like me on a internet profile page

28:55- Men should support Jacobs because she does like a good cigar…(a shot a Segal)…! Men and Women should support her for the same reasons, her platform.

30:47- Which endorsement are you most proud of? Segal says its businessforce and Jacobs says its the 42% of voters that came out on August 24th and voted for her.

31:42- Well, there is editing, we missed some stuff. I guess you had to be there!

32:55- Roll up your sleeves and get engaged, says Jacobs… Good! Too many people sitting on the sidelines.

34:07: Segal says he went to Washington to lobby congress and he winces…your a lobbyist too, Bill! He takes one last shot at Jacobs by mentioning that Orange County needs someone that gets along. Well if your not ethical, then a Commissioner or the Mayor shouldn’t get along well, with you! Doing the right thing doesn’t always earn you friends and it doesn’t earn you campaign donations, or endorsements from the powerful….but

It will earn you 42% in a Primary election.

That was it guys, as always watch the debate and decide for yourself!

Lets have a great week!