Children's Home Society Candidate Meet and Greet – A really nice event.

What a great event. Everything worked nicely. The weather was perfect as you walked into the Winter Park Civic Center and this was one of the few events where you could talk to the candidates for office, without shouting or feeling like you were in the lightning round of Family Feud. The food smelled wonderful and the venue was perfect. Scott Maxwell did a great job running the forum and there were some candidates you might not have had the chance to talk to before, in addition to some of the usual suspects.

The two Orange County Mayoral candidates started off. I’ve covered them plenty over the last couple of days, so I will give it a rest. Sandy Adams and Dan Webster continued to campaign to the bi-partisan audience on they’re way to their November 2nd general elections. Most of the candidates that spoke were sure to address the important role that the Children’s Home Society played in the community and shared some personal stories.

There were a couple of interesting things to point out and a few political blunders.

Orange county district 4 commission candidate Mayra Uribe joins the Republican party for 3 minutes: I’m not sure what she was thinking, why she said it or even why to bring it up in a non-partisan race but if its true I certainly didn’t hear about it. “I’m a fiscal conservative” she said during her speech to the group of about 100 people. Mayra Uribe threw the most commonly used phrase during the Republican primary season out there and didn’t walk it back. “I’m a fiscal conservative”… Not
- I’m a conservative Democrat
- I’m a fiscally responsible candidate
- I’m a Democrat that watches my spending.

When she walked off stage I’m sure she morphed into what ever kind of candidate that the next person she spoke to wanted. The voters of Orange County District 4 need to be careful with this one.

Democrat Mayra Uribe misrepresented herself when she told the audience she was a fiscal conservative.

Libertarian Franklin Perez attacks Leo Cruz and Jason Brodeur The winner of Florida’s first Libertarian primary wasted no time in this peaceful event to attack Democrat Leo Cruz and Republican Jason Brodeur in the state house race in district 33. No one else really attacked last night except for Franklin Perez. This was the kind of event where if you wanted to get the audiences vote, you had to act like you were already in office. You had to sound like a leader, Franklin Perez didn’t but….

7th congressional district Democratic candidate Heather Beaven impresses: She threw out some eye opening numbers about foster care last night and did really well with the audience. She was one of the more popular candidates last night and we had a short talk about the military and her husband who is currently in the army.

Some other quick notes:

- Can we bring both Dr. Tina Calderone and Beck Erwin to Orange or Volusia County? I’m serious, we’ve got hazings, coaches hiring prostitutes and football players being subjected to deadly conditions. These two candidates running for the same seat is just not fair, they could bring some much needed vision and strength to an educational system here in Central Florida that is really hurting the ethical and pragmatic areas of thought right now.

Quote of the night from Congressional District 3 Indy Candidate Terry Martin Back: “I just want to take both sides (Republican and Democrat) grab them by their heads and slam them together” ahhh the WWE Undertaker method of government.

Maybe we should send the Undertaker to deal with partisan grid-lock in Washington

There was also a Dean Cannon sighting who was careful to mention that he would be House Speaker in Tallahassee only if he won.

I took a break with the pictures, it was too peaceful of an event for Frank to go jumping around with the camera again. I had a good time and I’m glad I went.

Thank you to the Children’s Home Society, for putting on a terrific, well-run event!