Political Stocks: Whos up and Whos Down in O-Town (First Day of Fall Edition)

Here we are with another edition of Central Florida Political Stocks, lets not waste any time lets get right down to business.

Who is up:

Orange County Commissioner Linda Stewart: I was at the hearing yesterday when the commission heard a presentation from the Orlando Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Committee about the possibility of holding a workshop about extending domestic partner benefits to county workers here is the story. Now, there were political operatives in that room that would not have been there, if it wasn’t an election year. Now what I noticed was the heroic argument from Linda Stewart out of a genuine concern for that cause. Unfortunately, I also saw Bill Segal carrying that political football, using her to block for him. This issue is being used by his campaign to try to make up a difference in the polls, and I question if he really cares about the issue at all. After the hearing I saw his campaign team buddying up with group and Stewart. One thing is for certain, Orange County is awaiting Linda Stewart’s endorsement in the OC Mayor race and large support she brings from the Hispanic and Gay/Lesbian community. The vote did not pass, as it required a super-majority vote. The No’s? Commissioners Lui Damiani, Fred Brummer, and Mayor Rich Crotty.

with Commissioner Linda Stewart's endorsement comes a very dedicated group of voters

No on Amendment 4: Try an experiment, that I myself have tried many times. Walk up to someone you know, that will probably vote, but isn’t super political and ask them “Hey what do you think about that Amendment 4?”. They will tell you they’re against it and have absolutely no clue what it means. Thats a good indication, these guys are getting their voices heard.

Pepole don't know what it is, but they're against it!

Esther Scott: She starring in his new political ad. She looks like Ray Romano’s mom from “Everybody Loves Raymond” and that “He’s a good boy” line is straight money in the bank. Here is the ad.

Who is Down?:

Bill Segal: Never make the Orlando Sentinel angry during an election year. How bad is it? All of those hyperlinks are negative articles.

Christine O’Donnell: After winning her Senate Primary in Delaware, Bill Maher pulled some old TV footage where she said that she “dabbled in witchcraft, but she never joined the coven”….that was the sound of every PR guy’s hand slapping their forehead. Remind me to add that, to my list of questions when interviewing clients. You know, I might just lead with that question. “Have you ever dabbled in withcraft? oh okay, whats your name?”

Witchcraft? C'mon man!!

The President: “Frankly I’m exhausted of defending you” here is the youtube clip from Velma Hart. I kinda felt bad for the President, but here is a Veteran working for Veterans asking the question we are all asking. Is this are future? Is this our new reality? I think on this nationally televised program (and this story has legs, its been everywhere), that question, should the President decide not to run again, will be one of the moments we look back on as a turning point.

Talk to you soon!