Alan Grayson should've looked in mirror before pushing "Taliban Dan" ad

I gotta tell you, when I first saw this Taliban Dan ad , I laughed. It was perhaps one of the silliest things I’ve seen all year.

More ridiculous than that “Alan Grayson saved our schools, Children of the Corn” commercial.

Goofier than punting a football, through the uprights in the Citrus Bowl.

Heck, I even ignored the video where he exploited the older Veterans to attack his opponent Dan Webster. Calling Webster a “Draft Dodger” ala Bill Clinton back in 90′s.

This is the ad that is getting the biggest “Pop” though. It’s an ugly ad but the reason I was laughing was because, anyone who has had a conversation with Dan Webster realizes it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

He is one of the most soft-spoken people you will ever meet. He talks, he doesn’t yell and his skills as a communicator are evident whether he is engaging the voters or talking to other lawmakers. His positive reputation in from all of those years in Tally can attest to that.

Does this look like a Taliban candidates supporters?

Still, those graphics with a superimposed Webster and terrorists holding up middle eastern sabres, while Webster’s “submit to me” soundbyte is playing, might trick some voters. Thats exactly what the Grayson campaign is counting on. Its ironic because if the Taliban had an ally here in Central Florida.

It would be Alan Grayson.

He wants to cut off defense spending, while we still have troops in harms way. He’s spoken out against both parties and was against President Obama’s troop surge (which increased security conditions and was supported by vet groups) and his timeline for withdraw.

Alan Grayson was the only representative from Florida, Republican or Democrat that voted against the war supplemental funding, to aid troops during the President’s surge.

He’s taking away body armor for protection against small arms fire and IED’s (Improvised, Explosive Devices), air conditioning (in the desert for crying out loud!) and Internet Cafes that let soldiers communicate with the very reason, that they’re out there…their families.

I’m not a Dan Webster superfan, I don’t think he tries enough to reach out to minorities, elements of his campaign can be arrogant and unresponsive at times but he’s still a good fit in Washington, especially if he can break up the gridlock in congress.

Alan Grayson didn’t bring gloves to this fight, so Dan Webster needs to take off his. Grayson’s jet-engine ad campaign is drowning out Webster’s quiet replies. The only offense being played by that campaign has been a cute older lady saying “Alan Grayson did some nasty name callin’, when people disagreed with him”. I don’t like going negative but to have that much material against Alan Grayson and not use it, is just ridiculous.

Grayson’s ad was wrong but it sends a much needed message to Dan Webster, that it’s time to fight.