Breaking down Rubio's lead and PBA attack on Rick Scott is pretty funny..

“If you like the direction that Washington is going, then don’t vote for me”

I’ve heard Marco Rubio say that on the trail and in the media, at least two dozen times this year…easy. I like to breakdown tag lines, like that and look at it through the voters eyes. The voters are looking at the sinking ship in DC and saying…”Well, Washington’s direction is downward…I don’t want to go down, I want to go up!”

It appears to be working because Rubio has pulled out to a pretty decent lead in the polls according to CNN. . This year, I’ve heard so many candidates make they’re messages, so complicated, that you need a road map to figure them out. Simple, common sense solutions, during hard times are what you need and what people want. Voters don’t want to use a calculator to figure, what your plan is to get them back to work.

If you like the way things are going, then don't vote for him..

Has anyone played the ad game, better than Alex Sink this year?

First there was the Scott vs. McCullom/John Locke from “Lost”, commercial she launched before the primary even ended.

Then, she reached across the isle to appeal to liberal Republicans and disgruntled McCullom supporters, in a non-partisan piece.

Then probably the funniest ad launched this year by the Police Benevolence Association, show a Rick Scott (apparently hitting the weights) letting a bunch of criminals out of jail and labeling him as a Governor that would be soft on crime.

Prison inmates in their “O’ Brother Where Art Thou” prison costumes, saying “Let’s get to work”. Man, I wish I would have thought of that one. You can’t watch that one with a straight face…

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