Orlando Matters Orange County Commission District 4 Debate

Here we are, with another edition of my debate analysis. This time its the FOX 35/MY65 coverage of the local races. You guys probably know that FOX 35 has been very good to me, so they will be spared the corny jokes about the questions and camera work. Keith Landry is moderating these and he is a really good guy, in person as well as on TV.

As always I invite you guys to watch along with me. Here is the Orlando Matters Debate for Orange County Commission District 4.

Let’s get going!

:49- and they’re are the candidates. These two really don’t like each other.

1:02- Why are you running? Every candidate should go into a trance when they hear this question and answer it with no hesitation. Its the first question you learn how to answer, when you decide to run for office.

2:07- Man, its hard to trust Mayra, she didn’t impress during the two other D4 forums, I attended and I caught her lying during, the Children’s Home Society event. She has to really impress, here today.

2:28- Scout Leader, Government Operative, Non-profit owner…spends 90% of her answer talking about herself, then says its about the community.

3:10- Jennifer Thompson is good, not the nicest lady (sent her a media referral for her social media skills and didn’t even get a thank you, but thats cool) , a gifted speaker..

4:16- What are you top 5 priorities? Mayra says- Not to raise taxes and she will take a 10% salary cut as well as her staff. Well I guess when all of the other county staff members are hitting happy hour, Uribe’s people will have to take a pass. Oh, she brought a shirt that has 10% on it.

5:34- Mayra says a lot of people don’t agree with education…yea, my friend’s kids hate school

5:55- Jennifer Thompson says its hard to limit it to five, then says she’ll give Keith two…take it easy on Keith, Jennifer!

6:33- More efficient county spending and an internal audit of county government. Reduce redundancy. Thompson is laying out a plan, it’s amazing how much more substance there is in her platform than Uribe’s.

7:15- The first time I’ve heard all election cycle on how, long construction projects can hurt small business. Good point.

8:50- ahhh silence..no pesky commercials, I love the internet.

9:50- Uribe is trying to champion South OBT, Conway and Delaney park and other areas. She brings up her Orange Initiative but still not one method on how to actually bring in the jobs

10:44- Thompson is touting her business background. I’m glad Keith is pushing them for details.

11:38- Here comes the beating from Thompson, it’s easy to hide when your sitting on the panel during a forum, as oppose to a one on one debate.

12:00- Uribe jumps the moderator for the first time. She disses Thompson for her last run for office that failed.

12:26- Oh come on! Mayra, it can’t all be fluff. You want to talk track records, but your not giving us anything.

13:24- Uh oh, developers…..

1350- Uribe says no one owns her, and Ms. Thompson would have given the thumbs up on Innovation Way Development

14:38- Thompson says Uribe flip flopped in the Orlando Sentinel and then they get into a “are not, are too” exchange, over developer contributions.

15:28- Uribe is about the people…again

If the Rock ever ran for office, he could say he was the People's candidate

16:06- Thompson touts the content of her magazine “Insight” and wants to look at responsible growth patterns with other counties

16:46- Landry notices they both dodged the answer and follows up. Thompson says we need tougher ethics.

Part 2 of the debate

17:30- Keith asks “do you feel my pain?”, when relating to the hard times voters are in. I don’t think enough candidates honestly do.

1830- Thompson brings up her volunteer background and availability to the community.

19:09- Uribe brings up her family and says its about integrity. C’mon, really? She goes on to say she is “The People’s candidate”

20:09- 1 minute left and Keith says how you gonna convince the Hispanic voters? Well?…Thompson says she is going to convince them like everybody else. She brings up her endorsements from her two former opponents. Uribe, well come on? She is not a Hispanic candidate, well…what is she? She brings up that they’re is a nasty youtube video. Is that true? and she says thats racist! On TV! The two throw a few jabs, before Keith ends the program.

Okay, that was garbage…

That last part actually ticked me off a bit, because Mayra Uribe brought up discrimination with absolutely no right to do so. I looked up that video and this is what I found

Ms. Uribe’s accusations of Jennifer Thompson’s racist activites are irresponsible and sloppy. It was probably the most foolish thing, I’ve heard on the trail all year. I’m not crazy about Jennifer Thompson, but I’m sharp enough to know, she is not racist and Mayra Uribe was backed in a corner, when she said it.

I’m more certain than ever that Lydia Pisano or Pete Clark would have ensured that Orange County District 4 would have been left in capable hands in a run-off against Jennifer Thompson.

Well, there you have it. If you were watching along, I think you know what I was getting at.

Till next time…