Who's winning? Part 1

Hard to believe there is less than 3 weeks till November 2nd. Are you guys getting exited yet? No? Yeah, thats what I thought. People are tired. They’re tired of the negative ads, they’re tired of the campaign signs, they’re tired of seeing me on TV! Well, hopefully that last part isn’t true, but I can safely say from E-mails, the tone of the media coverage and from talking to people around town, that we are ready to wrap this thing up. So, with less than two dozen days left, whos winning? Here is what I think.

The Florida Governors race is going to be a slugfest, till the end: The polls are about as accurate, as Dwight Howard’s free throw shooting, after a couple of drinks. All of the results fall within the margin of error and nobody knows what the heck is going on. Rick Scott and Alex Sink are trading law enforcement endorsements and that debate didn’t have a clear winner.

Who’s winning? Too close to call.

Ah, the Mason-Dixon technique

Florida Senate Race? Get out the Fork, Marco: Because, both of your opponents are about done. Bill Clinton is coming down for Kendrick Meek and President Obama is coming down for Congressman Ron Klien, but with his approval rating, neither of them will help Kendrick, make up that margin. Governor Crist is throwing baseballs into the gulf, and grasping for whatever he can find, to attack Marco Rubio with.

Who’s Winning: What year will Rubio, make a Presidential ticket?

I'll miss you, when your gone Charlie

Jacobs overpowering Segal in Orange County Mayor’s race: I remember the first Mayoral debate a few months back, when there were still 4 candidates. Bill Segal was on top of the world, with the money, the endorsements and his debate style, in that 4 person forum was really impressive.

Then came August 24th.

When Jacobs threw a beatdown on Bill Segal in that primary, it was a reminder that Grassroots (Volunteers, sweat equity) can still overcome Astroturf (paid labor, big money). She outruns him, in all of they’re head to head debates and Bill Segal went and got the Orlando Sentinel angry, which is the worst enemy you can make in this town, during an election cycle. His attacks are falling flat and being called “misfires”.

Whos winning? Teresa is pulling ahead.

I will bring you Webster/Grayson, Adams/Kosmas, and some of the other races tomorrow.

Have a great Monday night!