"Let's get him, Kendrick!" Crist has to do to work with one enemy to defeat another.

Marco Rubio has turned into a beast.

Over the last 24 hrs, I’ve watched him beat down his opponents in the latest debate, had to explain to members of the media that, the Republican party pulling money from the race is, in fact a good thing and read an endorsement from the Orlando Sentinel, who loves to get they’re shots in on Marco, almost as much as I love dissing Alan Grayson.

It’s no longer, if he will win the Florida Senate race. It’s if he’ll actually serve a full term before he jumps at a VP opportunity or even in the eyes of some the faithful currently on the Rubio-roids, make a run for the White House himself.

Here are some quotes from yesterday’s debate:

“I’m not here on behalf of the CEOs of the world. I’m for the everyday people,” – Kendrick Meek

“La Gaceta talks about the fact that my opponent on the right has essentially blind ambition and — these are their words, not mine — that you’ve turned your back on your Hispanic family as it relates to so many issues going down the line,” – Governor Charlie Crist

“We’re all used to hard-knuckle politics in these debates, but that’s quite frankly, governor, offensive and outrageous for you to talk about me turning my back on my Hispanic family,”- Marco Rubio

“I will not drop out of this race for any reason,” Meek said. “I am nominated by the Democrats of the state of Florida. I am in this race to run to be the next United States senator. And no, I am not running for second.”- Kendrick Meek

“You’re running as an independent not because you took a principled stand on issues; You’re running as an independent because you took a poll.”- Marco Rubio….Ouch, he just as well should, have reached across the table decked him.

Anyways, I think you all get the point. Rubio is running away with this thing and it looks like he is going to win by a similar margin, that he would have won by, if he beat Charlie Crist in a primary.

Charlie certainly would have kept a lot more friends. The Governor is actually going to be out of a job, next year! Whats he gonna do?!

He needs to pull out all of the stops and he needs Kendrick Meek to help him do it. Why should Kendrick Meek help Charlie Crist? Because, I can read Kendrick Meek’s body language when he answers those “are you dropping out” questions. He can’t win and if he is genuine when he says that we cannot allow Marco Rubio’s extreme right agenda to go to Washington (his words) and if he refuses to drop out (I don’t think he should), then they need to work together, to get this done.

All attack ads, need to attack Rubio, all media opportunities need to address Rubio’s unwillingness to work with the current administration and that he’ll go to Washington just to say no. There is one debate left, every question needs to be answered with a dissected response on why their plan is just flat out better than Marco’s because, instead of a clear vision for the country and Florida, they’re just shooting the rhetoric gun during these debates.

It probably won’t happen. Politicians that currently hold office, often believe that they can overcome anything. Campaigns must stay positive, even when they know in their heart of hearts that the poll numbers aren’t swinging their way.

I hope your cool with Marco Rubio being your Senator, its looking more and more certain, everyday.

Crist and Meek should be ganging up on Rubio, but they probably won't and Rubio is already ordering office furniture.