Five Funny Things for a Monday- Early Voting Edition

Early voting starts today… guys we are almost there. This is the beginning of the end, so get out there and set-up the hidden cameras to catch the sign thieves, start harassing your co-workers, over who they should vote for and start google-ing the names of those candidates, you don’t recognize. It’s okay, what the heck does a soil and water guy do anyway?

Five Funny Things for your Monday, here we go!

Daniel Webster for University of Florida Athletic Director, because Florida isn’t broken, but the Gators are: Yea, I don’t like Grayson, but if Webster should lose, we need to send him to Gainesville! Seriously guys, what are we gonna do about those Gators? 3 wins and 3 losses? If I want to see a< 3 and 3 team play football, I can go down the street to UCF! Didn’t you guys clone Tebow, before he went to Denver? Webster can find another Christian, circumcising, superman to deliver the Gators from mediocrity.

Waiting for Superman? Myer needs to calm down, he has a heart condition.

I have an idea! Let’s dig up I4 during Biketoberfest!:Oh, someone already, thought of that? You see, I live near downtown and I couldn’t help but notice that it took me 45 minutes to go from downtown to Lake Mary. Why? Because the city of Orlando decided they wanted to crack open one of the most lethal highways in the world when there were sportbikes flying down at over 100MPH.

I4 East on Sunday, looked like I4 East on Monday..

The Alan Grayson empty chair debate: Ah, the infamous empty chair debate. There is nothing like debating an imaginary opponent. Call it, verbal shadowboxing if you will. Alan Grayson as you’ve probably heard by now attended a debate, hosted by the Central Florida Urban league and Dan Webster (as he mentioned before) would not participate if the other candidates running were there. These other political titans included TEA party (not affiliated with the movement)candidate Peg Dunmire, George “I’ll drive my tractor down Orange Ave, if I feel like it” Metcalfe and Steve Gerritzen of the Florida Whig party, who I’ve never heard of.

I’ve mentioned before, that Grayson can’t hang with Webster in a one on one debate, and that he’s scared. He needs those other candidates to run a screen for him, so that it just won’t be Alan Grayson throwing partisan dreck at Dan Webster for an hour.

Rep. Grayson debating himself. He would later switch chairs and the tone of his voice and pretend to be Dan Webster

The Pitbull frolicking in front of my place: : Anyone, who has read this blog for a little bit, knows that I live in bad part of Orlando. My slumlady doesn’t fix anything, Crime is high and I can’t start a neighborhood watch, because no one cares and let’s face it, the criminals can’t report themselves. I’m stuck. This morning when I’m heading out to my car. I see a charging pitbull out for his morning jog around my building. He sees me and starts running right at me. I curse and jump into my car, before his owner starts calling for him across the street. I’m not sure what that dog’s problem was.I felt like Donna Trenton in Cujo.

What a great way, to start your day…I gotta find a new place.

Top of the morning to you, Frank!

Conan O’Brien’s tweet: “Last year for Halloween, my daughter dressed up as a witch. This year she is dressing up as Christine O’Donnel.”

Have a great week guys!