Leadership Florida Gubernatorial Debate October 20th (blogged live!)

Silence…..thats what this Leadership Florida Gubernatorial debate starts with, because of audio difficulties.

- I can’t hear what Alex Sink is saying….lovely pants suit though.

- To think, the people of Florida will have to pick their next leader on body language alone, just how the aliens from the movies judge us!

- I have the feeling this is Alex Sink’s finest opening statement and I can’t hear it. Whats going on CBS!

- Commercial! Commercial! Whats happening! Oh no, public service messages!

-Oh no they didn’t infomercials….

Come on CBS!

- annnnd we’re back and we can hear Rick Scott…oh those Republican’s and their conspiracies, I bet Rick Scott bought Alex Sink’s time and aired the infomercials.

- Rick Scott says he knows how to build jobs, Sink says Jeb Bush’s financial advisor says that Scott’s plan wouldn’t work

-Alex Sink calls Rick Scott a corporate raider.

Corporate Raider, maybe...Lost Ark Raider, No.

- Scott is questioned about cutting government jobs during a recession. He says its part of his plan and that cutting government jobs will in fact cut down on government spending and help small business.

- Sink wants the names of companies, so she can recruit for Florida and to remove the barriers, that keep them from coming here.

- Sink says she will work with the Republican legislature. Will they work with her?

- “Rick, we can’t trust what you say. You’ve been throwing mud, the whole election” Sink says. Poor lady, she is uncomfortable attacking.

- Scott calls Sink economic plan, Obama Math! She says she was a math major and keeps asking for more time to answer Scott

What is this Obama math you speak of, Rick?

- This timekeeper is being kind of a jerk with Alex Sink

- Sink is interrupted in her response. Did Scott pay these guys off? lol

- The gentlemen from the panel brings up all of Sink’s mess-ups and asks if she takes responsibilities. She does because she follows the law. This is not going well for her at all.

- The guy on the panel asks Scott if he was ignorant on his insider trading. Scott walks around the question.

- Scott has gotten better and brings up kickbacks for Sink’s employees for steering seniors towards risky investments.

- Scott says you have to broaden your horizons, when he mentions the overlooked mistakes by his companies

-Scott says FCAT is good for now.

-What a commercial? After that mess up from the beginning. This is a terrible broadcast and now we have to deal with these sponsors. Lame!

- Ummm this is longer than two minutes!

- awww Sink’s mic isn’t on! I gotta admit, she is having a really tough night.

- Sink is asked about immigration and touts her endorsements of law enforcement and says that we have to follow laws. She says she won’t support the Arizona plan, She will support the Alex Sink plan.

- Scott brings up his running mate, Jennifer Carroll as how immigration is done right. He takes a shot at Sink and brings up E-verify.

- Adam Smith from the St. Pete Times asks Rick Scott to compliment his opponent and Rick Scott says she is a great family person. Sink says that Rick’s marriage is his good thing. Two great answers that have nothing to do with the issues. Dance, dance!

Maybe he should run for Governor!

- Sink brings up that Rick Scott won’t go into newspaper op-ed boards. Somewhere the guys at the Sentinel are smiling.

- Scott says he is going straight to the voters and calls her a Tally insider. Calls her a “failed fiscal watchdog”

- Fiscally Responsible, not Fiscally Conservative. Thank you, Alex Sink for sticking to your guns. That is the right way to be a Democrat and tout your policies with the budget.

- Sink is cracking, says that she spoke to State Farm and that she begged them to stay. This is not good at all….I’m reading that body language and she wants out.

- Rick Scott clarifies. No gay adoptions and marriage is between a man and woman.

- Alex Sink says that gay marriage is not amoral and misses an opportunity to really attack Scott on the subject and his absolute stances.

- Alex Sink no sales taxes, Rick Scott no tax increases…period.

- Alex Sink says she is going to do her Regan thing “There you go, again” she says. Republican Exec Commitee Chairs all over the state, just threw objects at they’re TV.

- Rick Scott says that Alex Sink is an Obama Liberal.

- Sink brings up her upbringing and that she is a farm girl with strong values.

- Rick Scott channels Marco Rubio and says if you like high taxes, and out of control spending, vote for Sink.

The broadcast ends with more sponsor plugs. What a train wreck of a debate. Technical difficulties, Sink got rattled and the members of the panel apparently all woke up on the wrong side of the bed, they were ticked.

Sink got beat. It doesn’t matter what the real facts are, you can’t walk up to the podium and get beat up like that. The timekeepers and panelist were more contentious than she was use to and it looked bad. Rick Scott has been through the pressure cooker before with those high stake depositions, and he is not going to crack.

A Rassmussen poll shows Scott up by 6 today. It’s going to be a dog fight but Sink needs to get going.

Thanks for reading!