Bill McCullom endorses Rick Scott

It’s not easy giving someone your support after they spent tens of millions of dollars insulting you and taking a nomination you were positive was yours.

Late Friday Attorney General and former gubernatorial candidate Bill McCullom released this statement.

“Florida is facing a critical time. Our state needs conservative leaders who will grow our economy and create jobs. We need merit pay and an end to teacher tenure in our public schools, major litigation reform, smaller government, low taxes and a repeal of Obamacare. With this in mind, I will cast my vote for Rick Scott for Governor. It’s the better choice for Florida.”

Yeah, its not exactly fireworks and Toby Keith, but it might bump the poll numbers up a tick, to give pollsters and the media enough confidence to call Rick Scott the leader. Please allow me to offer a special translation of this endorsement, that you will only find here on Central Florida Politics with Frank Torres.

“Listen guys we’re in trouble here. I don’t want Scott to lose and then have to listen to the talking heads on TV say it was my fault. I miss hanging out with my buddies who kicked me to the curb, right after I lost. This Alex Sink lady doesn’t know what the heck she’s talking about, and this is about picking the lesser of two evils. Please stop calling my house now.”

You know, good for Bill McCullom. I’m sure he will get a lot of pats on the back and “You know, this really means a lot to the party” E-mails. It would have been wrong to just sit back and let someone with completely opposite beliefs win the race, with knowledge that you might have been able to make a difference.

It just would have been better, if he’d had done it before early voting started!

Have a great weekend!

McCullom ultimately chose to endorse his party's nominee