Five Funny Things for a Monday (Dinosaurs and Taliban edition)

I’ve decided that I like all three of candidates for Florida Senate. I think Charlie Crist going Independent made this race a whole lot of fun. I’m still pulling for Rubio, but if it were someone who didn’t have his potential to make waves in Washington, I could easily see myself voting for a nice enough guy like Meek or even our sitcom worthy Governor. This race is great stuff. Five funny things for Monday, here we go!

5. Kendrick Meek “I think it’s very, very important to understand that the Taliban has been there for years and years, I mean, hundreds of thousands of years.”: Shut the game off! Best quote of this election year PERIOD. Guys, I couldn’t stop laughing. This quote from Congressman Kendrick Meek during yesterday’s debate was awesome. Hundreds of thousands of years…I can picture his team watching this on TV at one of his campaign HQ’s in total silence. “Did he just say that?” Now, I understand that he got carried away but, man this one was a gem.

Watch out for the Taliban guys!

4. Charlie Crist “Welcome to the NFL”: Rubio started out with “I’ve had hecklers at a debate, but there usually in the audience”. Governor Crist replied “Welcome to the NFL”. Yes, nothing like a 95 pound man, that throws like this (Clip attached) Telling you to man up. Oh, there’s more Crist would add “You know, I remember calling a play in the huddle and literally, as you’re walking up to the line of scrimmage, you survey the defense, the facts and circumstances before you, see where the linebackers are, and realize that there’s going to be a blitz. You’ve got to call an audible. You have to change to adapt to the circumstances to do the best thing for your state.”

Yes, because you want your Senator to run the West Coast Offense with your economy right?

3. Shunning Sarah Palin: I called her “moderate repellent” yesterday on television. There is nothing wrong with Sarah Palin, I just don’t want her near me if I’m in a close general election race. She was in town on Saturday and the story wasn’t, so much her appearance or what she said, but the fact that Rick Scott, Pam Bondi, and Dan Webster weren’t there.

Scott, Bondi and Webster are all in tight races, even Bondi who was endorsed by Sarah Palin in the primary had to stay away because there are a lot of Independent voters that still see Tina Fey, when they hear Palin speak.

It’s all good Governor Palin, I’ll buy you a beer right after I win my election.

Yes Governor, just waive. I'll call you on November 3rd Okay?

2. Joe Biden in town to raise funds for Alan Grayson: How many expletives are we going to hear at this thing?! I just so happen to have a few words from the Vice-President’s speech. I don’t curse on this blog, so I’ve had to do some editing:

Good Evening, &((* $##&&& *&&%$$ Alan Grayson @##!##@ !###@#$$ $$##@@ Obama %%$#@@!#@@# ##@$%## %%$%#@# Jersey Shore !@#$# $$#$% money ##$$ !@!!@ Vote #$@@#$@ Webster $#@#% Thank you!

1. Rasmussen reports that 43% of people don’t believe that neither party Represents the American people: Well, too bad. Welcome the NFL! (you see you can just plug that in anywhere.)