WESH 2 Florida Senate Debate October 26th Blogged Live!

And here we are again for the last time…Our last debate between Ross, Chandler and Joey…I’m sorry, Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meek, and The Guv!

Joey (Rubio), Meek (Chandler) and yes Ross (Crist) ..

Hey it’s David Gregory. I watch Meet the Press, does he know what he’s gotten himself into?

- Opening Statements…more of the same from Rubio (its a great message so, that’s a good thing), Crist says “My friend, Marco Rubio” and then goes on to slam his policies. I wonder how he talks about his enemies. Meek wants to thank all of the people that voted, none of which probably voted for him.

- Gregory opens with the Foreclosure Crisis. Rubio says working with the principal is way better than foreclosing. The Guv touts the measures he has taken while he was well..the Guv. Meek brings the issue to a local perspective, he would not insure a down payment, to increase buyer confidence.

- Gregory asks if Crist changed parties for political convenience. Crist is personally pro-life but won’t push it on anyone. He accuses Rubio of wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade. He also pushes for stem cell research. Gregory basically asks Crist if he is for real. Wow, he really doesn’t know Florida politics that well. Crist puts Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell on blast for their views. Rubio says that his beliefs are his and not the Republican party’s, well said. Meek says “I’m a Democrat for sure”. Man, he’s really not looking at the strategy…Meek says you don’t get out of the hole we were in, in 18 months.

- Rubio says that Republicans had a hand in the mess, Crist says both parties are to blame and Meek says…well.. nothing they have to go to break. When your polling as low as he is, he gets no replies..

- David Gregory brings up Gay Adoption and calls out Crist on his flip-flop. Crist says you learn through life, tolerance (he must be a late learner). Gregory pushes Crist, and says he is identifying a trend on the Governor’s issues. Welcome to the party, David Gregory. Crist says he is liberated and he is free! You go, boy. Meek takes a cross race shot at Rick Scott as well as Rubio for their social views.

- “When I hear Flip Flops down the hall, I think its the Governor” annnnnnnd judges?!…….terrible. I could have wrote something better for you, Kendrick.

Come on Kendrick!

- Oh hear goes Charlie, the Quarterback. “When you walk up the line, you got to call an audible” The Guv’s linemen are called Mason-Dixon, Rasumussen, Zogby, and Quinnipiac (all polls).

- Crist says that Rubio wants to raise the retirment age. Gregory actually jumps in to help Rubio. “We’re both about the same age”…really David Gregory? 39? and he’s right! David Gregory is only 39 years old…wow, he looks terrible

Salt and Pepper hair at 39? Well at least he has hair.

- The Guv says he is an optimist, yes sir you are. “Facts are stubborn things” correct again.

- Kendrick Meek brings up once again, he is the only one who fought against W. Bush

- Rubio says Social Security gets tougher to solve with every year that passes. that’s correct and scary.

- Does anyone think the Miami Heat will go all the way this year? David Gregory just turned our senate debate into Sportscenter.

- Just got a tweet from a Sentinel reporter that there will be no spin room, press interviews after the debate.

- That KIA soul marketing with the hamsters is working. I’m seeing more of them on the road. Dip Dop Dippity!

- Lightning round?! Yea, with this group. We’ll see.

- Meek says we need to “put the pliers” to NATO with Afghanistan. What exactly, does that mean?

- Rubio wants a stable Afghanistan that can be an ally.

- Governor Crist says that military action against Iran always needs to be on the table and that Israel is a great ally. He starts touting a bill he signed during his time as Governor.

- What is the painful measure to take to stop the deficit. Meek says to stop the Bush tax cuts. Crist says we need to cut taxes. Rubio says it needs to be dealt with and the grownups of the political process needs to realize that.

- Gregory asks “Who would you caucus with Governor?” Crist says “It depends on the outcome and that he would ask both parties tough questions”. Like who’s gonna put me on a Presidential ticket!

- Wow, Rubio really put some cheese on that closing statement. Your not running for President yet, Marco! Reel that in!

- Meek touts High Speed rail and rocks the vote

- Uh, Oh …here comes the Guv. He is an optimist and Rubio is doom and gloom. “Your vote is precious and should be cherished and no Republican boss or Democratic Boss can take it” Not bad…

and there you have it……. This debate was a let-down. Very little fireworks, no sound bytes and no Smartphones!