When you wake up next Wednesday…

Before I get started, The Orlando Sentinel reported today that someone might have thrown a Chihuahua names Skittles out of a moving car or hit it with a car. Read the story, see if you can help. My lap-dog is a Chihuahua so, yeah I take it pretty personally.

Skittles needs your help..

My promo-dog Nikki

Debategate/Textgate and the Final Senate Debate kept me from being poetic yesterday. Now that all of that has been taken care of, I believe that the political reality in Florida, could be much different, when we all wake up next Wednesday morning. Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Florida Governor: We could have a: Millionaire who came out of nowhere and threw the Governor’s mansion into a complete spin with his personal fortune. Rick Scott cut in front of line with Bill McCullom and put the spotlight on Alex Sink’s texting habits (Ironically, she tried to get Blackberry phones banished from her office). Florida’s leader would work well with the Republican led legislature, that all rallied around him when he won, but I would be really curious to see how he would govern. Would he be a media friendly Governor, now that nothing is at stake or would he be a hermit, only having to surface when he has to.

Or the: Alex Sink the Democrat who would be picking out the color her VETO pen would be writing in. I don’t think she would be that extreme, but she would face a Florida, fun sized, version of putting an Obama era Democrat on trial, with every decision she makes. Where would Scott go? Would he go back to managing Solantic and disappear into obscurity.

Florida Senate: would we get: Marco Rubio, a rising star, not only in Florida, not only in Republican politics, but yeah United States politics. The Republican Barack Obama, as you hear some people whisper during events.

Or: Our Wacky Governor Crist. If he manages to take this thing, he would have pulled off one of the most dynamic political stunts in recent Florida politics. He would go to Washington as one of the most powerful members of the Senate, carelessly voting with whoever he feels like for that day. He of course would keep an eye out for that VP opportunity.

Crist would take any shot he could at getting on a Presidential ticket.

Or even: Democrat Kendrick Meek who would have walked through a hurricane of anti-Obama sentiment, head held high and get every pollster working on this race fired.

8th District Race: We could have: Daniel Webster, who despite getting attacked with the video spliced “Taliban Dan” ad as well as being accused of buidling a stairway to nowhere and trying to sell things to Sheiks in the middle east, ran a clean campaign with Oil Painting Advertisements and a quiet peace, resulting from loyal donors and hard working precinct walkers.

Or: Uh-oh. We could have Alan Grayson, and send a message to the whole country that this is what we’re about. We will send someone to Washington and he can say whatever he wants, cross his arms on the issues and raise hell on the house floor. The real question? What good is Alan Grayson working in a minority?

24th District Race:: We could have: Suzanne Kosmas and have her ducking constituents for another two years. She’ll head back up to Washington and go with the flow again and I’ll spend 90 days waiting for help from her office and getting chewed out by her people. She really is riding that Orlando Sentinel endorsement for everything its worth isn’t she? That graphic appeared overnight in all of her advertisements.

Or Sandy Adams: Who I respect and would match the values and seamlessly work with the constituents of her Republican leaning district. Ex-Law Enforcement, and long time State Representative.

Orange County Mayor: You could have: Commissioner Bill Segal, who has fallen as fast politically as you can go. We all thought he had this race locked down a couple of months back, and has since completely abandoned all of the strong points in his campaign and resorted to calling his opponent nasty names, bending the truth till its splinters, pandering to groups out of convenience and even getting me involved. If he wins, then I’m worried for the middle-class here in Orange County.

Or: You could have Teresa Jacobs, one of the very few straight shooters that exists in Central Florida Politics. She is running her race and talking to all of the people of Orange County. Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, Apopka or Avalon Park, White or Black (or Hispanic!). People are rallying around this campaign for a reason guys, because its for real.

It’s going to be a different political picture in Central Florida for sure. If thats a good thing or not, is entirely up to you.