Your Complete Central Florida General Elections Wrap-up

The Hunt for Red November was successful, to say the least.

The Republicans dominated almost every race and sent shock-waves that spread from Orlando, to the rest of the country. Democrats can at least take solace in knowing that they still have the Senate and the White House, but still its kind of a bummer for them. It’s been a great ride, please let me break it all down for you.

Rick Scott Wins Florida Governor’s Race:: Rick Scott re-wrote the rulebook to Florida Politics. It was awkward but in the end, Florida chose to elect a the businessman who touted his job creating experience. Who built a company from nothing. He knew attacking the President was the route to the Governor’s mansion. He ducked Newspaper Op-Ed boards and didn’t talk to the media if it wasn’t a friendly set up. Billion dollar medical fraud? Yeah, but that was like sooo long ago..

He ran Bill McCullom off the road in that pick-up truck of his and took the Republican Nomination. The party quickly united behind him and he picked the remarkable Jennifer Carrol as his running mate to criss-cross the state with, armed with the best tag-line of Florida’s election cycle, told the voters “Let’s get to work”

What did Alex Sink do wrong? Well, that’s a tough one. Her biggest mistake when referring to this race wasn’t done during her campaign or even during her tenure with Bank of America or Nations Bank.

It was the day she registered as a Democrat in the State of Florida.

Her verdict came down along with a lot of other Democrats that ran great races but came up short. It just wasn’t the year to be in the same party as the President and Rick Scott never missed an opportunity to let the voters know that.

Rick Scott is the new Governor of Florida and I know two things. He’s got the ability to get the state back on its feet and secondly no one knows what to expect.

Let’s Get To Work! This guy is going to give me a lot to write about!

Rick Scott broke the rules and won the Governor's race his way

The Rise of Rubio- Marco Rubio wins Florida Senate Race: Yea, it was the perfect ending to a great senate race and a milestone in a career full of limitless potential. Marc Rubio easily won and his victory speech was just phenomenal. Let me give you the highlights.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t start shouting Polo or we’d all be in trouble”

“This is a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they were going to be”

“I know America is great, not because I read it in a book, but because I’ve seen it with my eyes”

“I will always be the son of exiles”

“This race was never about me or us (family). It was about the fact that we are privileged to be part of this great society and that is worth fighting for.”

“It doesn’t matter if your dad was a bartender or if your mom was a maid. You can accomplish anything if you work hard and play by the rules”

Kendrick Meek never stood a chance, but he did stand his ground against amazing pressure and for that he definitely has my respect.

Rubio beat Governor Crist (twice, if you count bailing from the GOP primary), so what’s next for the Governor? “Going fishing and finishing strong for the people of Florida” he said earlier. I’ll miss our wacky Governor’s survival antics and one-liners. This is probably going to be it for him. I actually hope not and would like to see him pop up on television somewhere. He’s just too much fun to watch.

As remarkable as Rubio's story is, this might only be the beginning

Dan Webster wins the 8th Congressional District Race:

In the end, it was the soft spoken statesman from Winter Garden, that defeated the Street Fighting Man from Orlando.

Alan Grayson has lost and as the results were shown, cheers erupted from the Republicans in the 8th district. Two years of vicious dialogue and frustration gone, with a bigger margin that hardly anyone expected. This was a hurricane of a politician, who threw everything nasty he could, at the quiet gentleman who refused to fight back.

“Dan Webster doesn’t care about Veterans”
Say something, Webster

“Webster billed us for a stairway to nowhere”
No he didn’t, come on Dan

“Submit to me” from the heavily spliced Taliban Dan ad
Fight back Webster! I even spoke up for him a few times on television.

It didn’t matter if they were shredding his signs or invading his rallies, Dan Webster didn’t attack. The ruthless Grayson campaign tried to provoke the midnight blue and cotton-white (the colors of the Webster campaign) with everything they could and the only reply they got was polite silence.

They waited for the storm to pass and when it was over they moved forward, got the vote out and defeated one of the most notorious members of the House of Representatives.

Alan Grayson’s concession speech was an eye opener. He displayed a very rare moment of vulnerability. It wasn’t the fire-breathing monster that the country saw on the house floor or on television. It wasn’t the big Hollywood production type of display, that were shown on his commercials.

It was just a guy who loved his country and did what he felt, was sincerely the best way to serve it.

I saw Dan Webster this morning on television, waving thank you signs with children from his campaign that were having a good time, and playing nearby. It was a fitting final image of a political effort that turned away, from the hostility that you saw in almost every other race.

Quiet strength beats anger on full blast any day, and Dan Webster couldn’t have demonstrated that any better.

The same mentality that Webster had in Tally was the same that won him this race

Sandy Adams wins the 24th Congressional District race: Sandy Adams never quit. Not when she was running low on campaign funds, back in June. Not when the NRCC wasn’t paying her any mind and not when the media made sure to point that out whenever possible.

Now she’s my new Congresswoman.

It’s a great story and now the district has the representative that really represents what they’re all about. Strong conservative leadership. Forget money, she had people and they worked as hard as anyone to knock on doors and get those yards signs out.

Did Suzanne Kosmas really want to be there during this last year? I watched her concession speech and she looked almost relieved that she wasn’t going to be the object of attack from angry constituents. I’m probably wrong and it was late, but she has taken so many shots and isn’t a fighter like Grayson. She stays out of the public eye. Suzanne Kosmas means well, but she was in over her head in Washington.

Congratulations to former Orange County Deputy and State Representative Sandy Adams.

She never quit and now she's the new Congresswoman from Florida's 24th district

Teresa Jacobs wins Orange County Mayoral Race:
Now that’s how you run a campaign….Planning+People+Platform+Possible Donors.
Be honest, and don’t promise anything you can’t deliver on. That’s it.
It sounds simple but, it takes the right candidate to do it and ever since she’s entered the race, our new Mayor of Orange County Teresa Jacobs has demonstrated it.

I’ve written a lot about this race and it’s no secret, that I’ve been a Teresa Jacobs fan for a while, and now I’m happy that we’re going to see where she can take this county. A mayor that’s not afraid of the powerful lobbyist or developers and will make the decisions that are right for everyone, not just the wealthy.

I’ll probably never run for office, but if I did, this would be the campaign I would want to run.

Jeff Atwater wins Florida CFO race: He really was the best candidate for the job. Congratulations, Govern..I mean Sena..ahem….to our new CFO!

Adam Putnam wins Florida Commissioner of Agriculture race: My post on this race was one of the most popular in the state. I hope that a lot of people read it and that our new Commissioner of Agriculture will make the day to day operations easier for his constituents.

Pam Bondi wins Florida Attorney General race: Hey America! This is our Attorney General!

She's beautiful and she takes on drug dealers!

What do you got?

My election cycle crush, easily beat her opponent Dan Gelber (and that silly St. Bernard scandal) to become Florida’s new Attorney General. I joke about her appearance a lot but she didn’t take any breaks and worked as hard as any other state-wide candidate I’ve seen.


Epic Amendment 4 FAIL: That thing was a nightmare. Good work by those guys getting the info out.

Jennifer Thompson wins Orange County District 4 Commissioner race: One of the best run campaigns in the region this year and the right way to combine social media and politics.

Dr. Tina Calderone wins Seminole County School Board Race: Two strong candidates and only one seat. Hopefully, Becky Erwin will run for office again, in the future.

Jason Brodeur wins State House District 33: The red and black was everywhere this year.

Dean Cannon wins State House District 35: The speaker designate had a great team on the ground and a terrific ad campaign.

Scott Randolph wins State House District 36: Downtown missed out on another great candidate by voting for this guy.

Eric Eisnaugle wins State House District 40: What’s an Eisnaugle? A well like State-Rep that is returning to Tally.

Steve Precourt wins State House District 41: A hardworking campaign that was constantly knocking on doors, delivered victory.

Darren Soto wins State House District 49: I don’t always agrees with what he says, but a we need a Hispanic presence in the state legislature.

Mike Horner wins State House District 79 An endorsement from Mike Huckabee and cool commercials with horses, never hurts.

and there you have it.

I can’t say enough about this cycle and all of the candidates. Including the ones from the primaries and even out in Volusia and Lake Counties where I don’t always travel. I’ve had the chance to meet most of the people that ran for office and know who really made it happen.

Their campaigns.

Candidates can only go so far without great people to stand with them. They knock on doors, make phone calls, unload trucks, and talk to voters. Those are the real winners and I hope the candidates realize that.

A candidate without a great campaign staff and volunteers, is like a cowboy without a horse. They might be the right one for the job, but they can’t get anywhere by themselves.

I won’t be posting everyday for a little while. In fact I might take a break for the rest of this week. I have some great ideas and it’s not over, not by a long shot.

I have to start figuring out, who is ready to declare for 2012!