Rick Scott and his gang and NFL Politics

Governor-elect Scott picks transition team:

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch Rick Scott’s first press conference as the Governor-elect of the State of Florida. The purpose of this press conference? To announce his transition team and plans to hit the ground running. The tone of Scott’s speech was kinda unpolished, I suppose his speech writer was only under retainer until the 3rd. Still, there were some interesting picks. Let me list them for you, and be one of the first to start second guessing a Governor that won’t even take office for a couple of months.

Health Care attorney’s Mary Anne Carter and Enu Mangini- Attorneys who served Scott during the HCA/Columbia affair. Why would you want to perpetuate that whole thing? Grade: D-

Senator George LeMieux- He’s gotta have something to do, while Marco Rubio’s decorators are in his office. Grade: C

Jeb Bush Staffers, Sally Bradshaw (She’s got some serious skills) and Kathleen Shanahan- Experienced staffers that are often the real workhorses behind administrations. Grade:B+

Sweetwater Mayor Manny Marono- A reward for being an early believer?. Grade: D

Former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre- Endorsed Scott after he didn’t get any love from the his own party during his Senate run. I would have preferred a more active and vocal Democrat, if he wanted to be taken seriously about bi-partisanship. Grade: C-

Former Lt. Governor Toni Jennings- Impressive. Grade: A

State Senator Paula Dockery- The popular nemesis of Sunrail and former gubernatorial candidate will be around to keep the insiders honest. Grade: A

There are also a couple of State Reps on the team, but nothing that jumps off the computer screen.

Rick Scott also mentioned that he would back off of Arizona Style Immigration. That’s not a surprise, it wouldn’t surprise me if he never brought it up again. It was just a talking point for his hard fought primary.

So Scott naysayers can rest easily that Florida’s Mr. Burns has no plans to block out the sun…..yet.

at this time, I have no plans to block out the sun...

Should one man have that much power in the NFL? There have recently been a lot of concussions in the NFL. Players leading with their helmets to try to knock the ball out, and cause a fumble. There have been a lot of serious injuries and big hits.

and with big hits comes big fines.

I never played the game with pads. I do know physics and when your moving that fast, stopping can be a little tough. When you can’t stop, you get fined.

The real controversy and political angle of all of this went down when, well-like Steelers safety Troy Polamalu mentioned that the commissioner of football Roger Goodell had too much power when handing down these fines. One man having too much power. Sound familiar? It should. Polamalu suggested putting together a panel or board to share their thoughts on these often expensive collisions and come to a consensus over whether there should be a fine and how much it should be.

The argument against this pretty reasonable idea is that you turn this into a process that requires deliberation and makes the whole process much longer. The argument for, is that you bring in former players and coaches, make the decisions less controversial and more accurate.

Let’s bring this panel together, and in the off-season tweak the rules to make sure we keep our players safe. The sport will evolve and continue to be one of America’s finest traditions.

The Head and Shoulders guy, has the right idea.