Political Stocks- Who's up and Who's down in O-town (Post Elections Edition)

Hey everyone, I hope you’re enjoying this perfect weather and that you’ve recovered from your post elections celebrations. It’s Monday, lets do some political stocks.

Who’s up?:

Republicans in the State of Florida: Wow! They took it all and now they have the Governor’s mansion, the State Legislature, and the whole dog-gone cabinet. Just like I mentioned yesterday, it was this frustration with the Obama administration that was sweeping the country and really effective down here in Florida. Conservatives kept the Senate seat and are already looking at who’s gonna go after Bill Nelson. They took back both congressional seats here in Central Florida and even the non-partisan Orange County Mayor’s race.

This isn't the happiest of photos, but all of these Republicans were winners on election night.

Marco Rubio: Yes, he falls into the group I just mentioned but his stock is much higher. Washington can’t wait for this guy to get up there. High ranking members of the Republican party believe that he can deliver Florida in 2012 and the Tea Party throws him into the same conversation as Rand Paul. We’ll see how it goes, but for those that have been on the trail with him and worked on his campaign, its really hard to see him not doing well up there.

Florida’s Liberal Marco Rubio?: Think about it? Who is going to be the next superstar from the Democratic party here in Florida? I think it would be ridiculous if a younger member of the party didn’t step up and take a leadership role, during this very difficult time. The next year could be a coming out party for a new superstar from the left, to emerge and challenge in 2012.

Who’s down?:

Florida Democrats: Yeah, you guys didn’t do too well last week. I think all of you will be alright, though. Hey, if conservatives can’t deliver, the ball will be right back in your court. It’s a very popular philosophy that Democrats will throw this right back at Republican leadership in time for 2012, it things don’t improve.

Corrine Brown and Mario Diaz-Balart’s lawsuits on fair districts aka amendments 5 and 6: Poll workers had not even drifted off to sleep, by the time Congresswoman Corrine Brown and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart cried foul on Fair Districts. This is self-preservation at its finest guys.

Political Blogs: Yeah, its true. People don’t even want to think about politics for the next couple of month’s as the holidays approach. I am grateful for my loyal readers and we’ll try to have some fun articles, until things pick up again!

Have an awesome week!