Special Session in Tallahasee and Democrats adjust in Washington

Two different parties in two different locations with two completely different circumstances.

Republican led Legislature hold Special Session in Tallahassee:Special session y’all! It must have been great to be conservative in our state’s capitol yesterday. The new speaker of the house Dean Cannon and Senate Leader Mike Haridopolis got to work in a 3 hour special session. In what sounded like a back slapping, hi fivin’ good time, our state legislature was able to ….

- Authorize 31 million dollars in stimulus money to rebate 13,000 consumers who brought solar- air conditioners last year.

- Overturn vetoes that gave Shands Hospital in Gainesville a 10 Mil dollar grant and tax breaks for farmers.

- Delaying mandatory septic tank inspections until July.

In addition Speaker Cannon let everyone know that there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s got an eye on the size of government. He also said that when times are tough it’s easy to sell-out and be tempted by expanding government agencies.

The elephant in the room (no pun intended) is of course Governor-elect Rick Scott’s stance on high speed rail. “He’s not a fan” on source said. A lot of people believe that this is going to be the first battle that Scott has with the legislature ruled by his own party.

Not so fast, let him get sworn in before encouraging battles in Tally.

The Democratic party dilemma in D.C: Yes, the Democrats have problems in Tallahassee as well but it’s far worse for them in the nation’s capital.

One moment that sticks out from Nancy Pelosi’s time as House Speaker was the night when the controversial Healthcare bill passed. Minority leader John Boehner looked up at Pelosi, after hours of debating back and forth and had one simple request. A roll call vote. A request for everyone to vocally support or oppose a one of the biggest pieces of legislation this generation will ever see.

She denied it, the bill passed and took a major step toward losing her party’s majority.

She will be appointed the minority leader and will now be jousting with her adversary John Boehner from the lower ground. That’s not all, she has to basically make up the position of “Assistant Leader” for Congressman James Clyburn (South Carolina), an important member of the black congressional caucus, who lost his leadership role during the party flip.

Hey Nancy, You got me, right?

The political tides are changing and it’s either a great time to Republican or a hard time to be a Democrat. These special sessions are just a taste of the high drama, that next year will bring in Politics both here in Florida and throughout the country.