My letter to T-Mobile President Robert Dotson concerning the Webconnect Rocket

Below is my recent letter to T-Mobile President Robert Dotson, I’ve been in a better mood.


To: Mr. Robert Dotson- Chief Executive Officer T-Mobile USA

From: Frank Torres- Public Relations Consultant

RE:T-Mobile Webconnect Rocket Service

Hello Mr. Dotson,

I wish that I was writing under better circumstances, preferably circumstances that didn’t seriously hinder my productivity and hurt my small, public relations business. That however is not the case and your Webconnect Rocket has played a major part, in doing just that.

I was told by your store associate, with the abnormally large gold chain
that the allotted 5GB of Data in my “unlimited data plan” would be more than enough, for my mobile broadband needs. Boy, was he wrong! After hitting my limit your “throttled” data service kicked in and it was bad. I couldn’t even log on to my email service or browse more than two web pages at a time before encountering problems. It was very bad.

It was Spiderman 3/ George Clooney Batman Bad
It was an overzealous TSA agent’s, front palm search bad
It was like opening a tupperware container, when your starving and watching one lazy horsefly, ascend from your leftovers.

T-Mobile's broadband, when throttled is absolutely miserable

Your T-Mobile Webconnect Rocket is so bad, when throttled that, it is the technological equivalent of being water boarded, while having Yoko Ono (in her prime) blasted through DJ earphones.

Oh, its that bad...

I slowly went up the tech support ladder…
Tier 1 with Jessica- The kind woman, who referred me to…
Tier 2 with Vhengie- Another sweet lady, who had no solutions and referred me to…
Tier 3 with Liz- Who was very knowledgeable about the product but in the end was unable to help me and who transferred me to..
Customer Service with Victoria- Who acted like a spoiled member of royalty when, she said I was out of luck.

I don’t quit that easily, I used my PR contacts to speak with your “people” and have a short conversation about the government relations initiatives concerning texting while driving, here in the sunshine state, but that’s another matter entirely.

I was finally contacted by the lovely Angela from your “Presidential Customer Services” department. Intelligent, well spoken and very in touch with my problem, she was unable to help me. So, here we are.

Mr. Dotson, my productivity was seriously hindered for 3 days. Your service mislead me and put me on ice for 72 hours leading up to a short Thanksgiving week, where no one will want to start a serious project. I would say it set me back a couple hundred dollars…gift money for my family members. This simply cannot be allowed to happen again.

It needs to be fixed sir, please. I don’t care if you do it, I don’t care if Catherine Zeta Jones, herself needs to call someone to increase the effectiveness of this product. I have just short of two years on contract with this product left and during this pivotal time, the “Rocket” can’t slow down on me, like this.


Frank Torres


If she had to get involved, I would be okay with it.

Guys, I hate getting ripped off. If a salesperson promises you that a product will meet your needs, then it needs to perform. I joke, a lot but this is something that I simply can’t afford to happen. We all know how frustrating contracts can be, and if you don’t take measures to fight back, then you’re setting precedents that this kind of service is acceptable.

I really hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you guys next week!