Central Florida Politics with Frank Torres turns 1 year old!

One year ago yesterday, I wrote my first post on Central Florida Politics with Frank Torres. It wasn’t called that and the blog was attached to my business website, but it was a day that launched one of the most satisfying projects I’ve ever been involved in. I wanted to use this little blog to write about what people were thinking, but because they were a journalist or involved in political operations couldn’t say. Let’s take a quick look, a year ago…

- No one knew who Rick Scott was
- Tim Tebow was still a gator
- Charlie Crist was still a Republican
- Tiger Woods was about to enter the worst time of his life
- Teresa Jacobs wasn’t in the Orange County Mayor Race
- The unemployment rate? Well that has pretty much stayed the same

Bloggers can be very cynical and offer little useful information, if any at all, and while I offer plenty of jokes and funny pictures, I try to make sure that there is a little substance with each post. I think the reason why this blog works is because I love writing on it, and I tend to color in the missing spaces that often get overlooked.

Some of my favorite posts?

- When I wrote how important it would be for Marco Rubio to win the Senate race, despite where he came from and what his parents did.

- My first mayoral debate analysis. I went to half a dozen more but that first televised debate was my favorite.

- My experience with the census

- Jimmy Buffet comes to save us from the oil leak in the gulf.

- Can you believe Charlie Crist checking out
the ladies
on the beach was one of my most popular posts?

- and my last minute pep talk before the elections.

Thanks for keeping this blog relevant, its great being able to bring it to you. Lets hope that I’m celebrating many more.

Happy Birthday!