Extending Bush Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefits

That’s a sexy headline isn’t it?

No it’s not, but it might be one of the most important headlines that you’ll be reading over the next couple of days. The extension of the Bush tax cuts and unemployment benefits being negotiated during this lame duck session of congress has everyone nervous as the year comes to a close, but there is hope that some….are you ready for it? Compromise! might be possible in order to avoid tax hikes and the unemployed running out of support for the holidays.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, along with your other big Washington talkers, John Kerry, Orin Hatch etc….All made the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows and took shots at the opposing parties, but they all conceded that something was going to have to get done.

It looks like all of the tax cuts will be extended, even the ones for the wealthy, for at least another two years. The Democrats are willing to tie the unemployment compensation to the conditions of the extension of the tax cuts. Wow, this is boring!

Here you go, a cat playing Xbox. That will hopefully give some of my more non-political readers something to check out

It’s “political chicken” and its stubborn behavior at its finest from both sides. It is encouraging, that two very serious matters will be taken care of. They are cutting it a little close, though.

Yeah, I know…a dry topic for a Monday, I will try to fire back with something more exiting tomorrow, but important stories like this one are just too important to ignore.

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