The Year's End: Top Quotes from Florida Politics in 2010

Yeah, we’re gonna do another list post, but this one is going to be one of my favorites. I’m going to run down some of the most popular, funny, and controversial quotes from Florida’s politicians over the last year. These are in no particular order, so I’m just gonna line up them up.

Here we go!

“The Taliban has been there for years and years, I mean, hundreds of thousands of years.” – Kendrick Meek during the Senate Debates- One of my favorites, after I heard it I was laughing for the next 20 minutes

“I will not accept, nor will I seek the head coaching position at Florida” – Orange County Mayor Richard Crotty, 10 minutes after Gator coach Urban Meyer resigned.- Great timing by the Mayor

During a forum from two candidates for OC Commissioner:
“I pray to god everyday, to help lead me into a better future with my wife and children”- Mayor Doug Kinson

“I prayed to god and he told me to run for Orange County Commission”- Ted Edwards

“Personally, she has no children and lives with her 60-year-old eye-doctor boyfriend.”- John Stemberger on the now Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi- Not very Christian or smart, Stemberger..

“Sandy Adams has some strange ideas”- Suzanne Kosmas attack ads- I’ll make sure to bring that up after she’s sworn in….the most ineffective attack ad of the year

“College kids don’t care about Bill Clinton, they’re worried about Twilight Vampires and Katy Perry”- myself during a FOX 35 segment

“He’s a good boy”- Ester Scott -Absolute Money…probably won her son the election…

“The reason Pine Hills isn’t getting any money is because my opponents have spent all of it, in the Emerald city (Orlando) on (performing) art centers” Matt Falconer during the Pine Hills OC Mayor Debate-

““I think you will find that I am the most even tempered, mom type, that you could put in to office and will do exactly that what you want me to do, you won’t see me veered away by special interests”- Former Commissioner and OC Mayor Candidate Linda Stewart- A first class commissioner all of the way.

“Son, who are you working with this year?” “I’m working with the Republicans, Dad” …”Hell no, son! I knew I should have been around more, when you were growing up!”- My dad

The Charlie Crist Section (Yes, he gets his own section): I could have done a whole post on just his quotes.

“I’m a Jeb Bush Republican”

“I don’t caucus with Republicans or Democrats, I caucus with the people of Florida”

“I’m not on either team. I’m a free agent, a free agent for the people of Florida”

“That’s hurtful, you don’t know me. You don’t know whats in my heart”- after Rubio’s “You didn’t go Independent because of your beliefs you went independent because you took a poll”

“I married a nice Jewish girl”- referring to his lovely wife Carole Crist

The Guv and his wife, Carole

“Today I am calling this legislature, The do nothing legislature”

“I’m an old Quarterback, when you walk up the line, you got to call an audible” ”

“You can find me on line 9 of your ballots”- oh boy

I really could go on and on…

“(Don’t) Submit to me”- Dan Webster in maliciously edited Taliban Dan ad by the Alan Grayson campaign- When Alan Grayson finally went too far..

“Die Quickly” and “Republicans want you to die”- Alan Grayson during the health care debates

“Alan Grayson isn’t going to decide how this race goes, I’m going to decide how this race goes”- Dan Webster at the West Orlando Tea Party Forum

“The Rent is too damn high”- NY Governor Candidate Jimmy McMillan- Ok, not in Florida, but I felt the need to include it

“I think they were tone-deaf,”- Alex Sink on the White House’s political approach during the election year.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t start shouting Polo or we’d all be in trouble”- Marco Rubio during his victory speech

“Bi-partisanship is a fallacy” – Congressman Alan Grayson- You can’t think that way…

“So, we can have notes, we can have people that work for us give us messages?”- Rick Scott during Textgate aka Debate Gate vs. Alex Sink

Textgate would probably be my choice for biggest political moment of the year..

“I will not drop out of this race for any reason,” Meek said. “I am nominated by the Democrats of the state of Florida. I am in this race to run to be the next United States senator. And no, I am not running for second.”- Kendrick Meek

“I can’t promise you I am going to run for office (get elected) and then go and break the law, I have to follow the law, and the state sets the laws.”- Teresa Jacobs- Orange County Mayor-Elect

“It doesn’t matter if your dad was a bartender or if your mom was a maid. You can accomplish anything if you work hard and play by the rules” – Marco Rubio

Your an entertainer right?” – Commissioner Bill Segal to myself during an OCYR meeting- and it looks like that is going to stick…Hey at least it’s a great conversation starter at parties!

and I could go on and on… has been a great year for political quotes and I could have easily doubled the quotes in this post easily….I’ve enjoyed writing about it.

This is going to be my last post for 2010. This has been such a great year for me and this blog. Thanks to all of my family, friends, the media here in Orlando, and to the readers. Keep an eye out for me on television as we move closer our new lawmakers taking office at the beginning of the year. God Bless…

“Let’s Get To Work”- Governor Elect Rick Scott