Governor Rick Scott and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs Take Office

It’s been a fast start to the New Year. We’ve got two new House Representatives and a United States Senator getting sworn in today and yesterday we had our new Governor Rick Scott and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs take office.

Let’s Get To Work: Rick Scott Sworn in as Florida’s 45th Governor

We’ll start in Tallahassee, where Florida’s new Controversial Governor took the oath of office outside of the capitol. “Job Creation is the Mission” and “Taxation, Regulation and Litigation” are the “three forms of the axis of unemployment” were some of the sound bytes thrown out by the new Guv. Crowded by the legions of political insiders and supporters, our new Governor spoke for 20 minutes and only had to deal with one heckler who called him a “criminal”. Governor Scott grinned, looked down at his notes and continued.

Rick Scott is sworn in as Florida's 45th Governor

It was certainly a pleasure to see the Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll (In my opinion the real star on that ticket) get sworn in and as well as the rest of the cabinet featuring Attorney General Pam Bondi, Florida CFO Jeff Atwater and Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam.

AG Pam Bondi, CFO Jeff Atwater and Ag Commish Adam Putnam were also sworn in on Tuesday

Governor Scott has a lot of critics already taking shots at him and his policies. Local opinion leaders and fellow pundits here in Orlando are concerned. They’re saying his approach to important issues are clumsy and potentially harmful. I wasn’t a fan of how he ran his campaign, but I know he’s got the potential to do good things. We’ll just have to see where his priorities are. Let’s just make sure we get that check from the insiders to Operation Wounded Warrior and help some Veterans can we?

The Inagural ball was one of the events funded by special interests donors. I hope there was enough left for Operation Wounded Warrior.

Teresa Jacobs sworn in as Orange County Mayor: Just think, a year ago she wasn’t even in the race but on Tuesday, Teresa Jacobs succeeded Richard Crotty to become the next Mayor of Orange County closing out, a race that I have spent over the last year writing about. A dozen debates, conversations, one-liners and even an arrest came to a conclusion at the Orange County Convention Center when the gavel was handed over to Jacobs, who will look to bring ethics and efficiency to the forefront of County Government.

Also sworn in at the Ceremony, re-elected County Commissioner Tiffany Moore-Russell, re-elected County Commissioner “Grumpy” Fred Brummer, County Commissioner Jennifer Thompson who replaces term limited Linda Stewart and County Commissioner Ted Edwards who replaces Bill Segal.

There is a lot more optimism surrounding Mayor Jacobs than with our new Governor. A former 8 year county commissioner who asks the hard questions, has been a favorite with the media and even former opponents who all believe that the Orange County is in good hands.

Tomorrow I’ll have coverage of what is going on (as I type this) right now in Washington and the sideshow which is stealing some of the thunder from new members of our Congress.

On Tuesday Teresa Jacobs became the new Mayor of Orange County