The 112th Congress is sworn in and The Robert Gibbs resignation Sideshow:

Washington D.C was rocking and rolling yesterday with the 112th Congress going to work with a Republican led House of Representatives and Speaker of the House. Not to be outdone, there was an extra newsworthy event, as the most coveted public relations job in the world was abandoned.

“God Bless you Speaker Boehner” John Boehner is the new Speaker of the House”: Outgoing speaker Nancy Pelosi’s final statement was a reminder that while our people in Washington often bicker like children at the playground, we are all on the same team. Boehner accepted the gavel and acknowledged that everything in the house is “on loan from the American people”. He then began to tear up….again. My man Boehner, just can’t seem to stop crying! Still, he has a plan and while reading the constitution today is more PR than anything (if your serving in Washington and don’t know it, then send me an E-mail. I would love to know how you pulled that off) he is promising to cut the house budget, have a mandatory references to the constitution with all legislation and yes, start over with health care. If you’re Republican this is music to your ears, if your a Democrat well, I feel for you, but get to the polls next time.

I’m also very exited about Senator Rubio, and Representatives Adams and Webster taking office yesterday. Congresswoman Adams is a great fit for her district and Congressman Webster’s ability to work peacefully with members of both parties bodes well for the 8th district. I also expect a fast start for Senator Rubio, this is only the beginning of what is going to be a great career in our nation’s capitol.

in other news….

Robert Gibbs offers counter-programming by resigning as White House Press Secretary: Do you want to know what is the most coveted Public Relations job in the world is? It’s White House Press Secretary. It’s like being a Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys or starring in a movie with Al Pacino. It’s like being in the studio recording with Jay-Z. It’s pretty much it, in the field of Public Relations and so what do you do?

You abandon it, to upstage political rivals.

Now Robert Gibbs is not a rap star or Tony Romo ( I know it’s hard to believe) but he resigned yesterday as White House Press Secretary to take another position as a political adviser to President Obama. He is resigning to spend more time with his family (ah, the Urban Meyer method). As a colleague, I would like to wish him luck and may someone who really recognizes what that opportunity is, take his place.

Gibb’s brightest moment was when he had to “regulate” during a visit to India when security officials wouldn’t let a group of American journalist into a press conference with President Obama and India’s Prime Minister.

No, he's not Jay-Z or Tony Romo but until yesterday he had the hottest job in Public Relations

See you guys tomorrow