My Superbowl Review…

The Superbowl is such a great time for someone in my position. I can enjoy both the game, and marketing aspects of the most watched broadcast of the year, and throw in a political appetizer before kickoff and there was everything I could ask for in one night TV watching.

Bill O’Reilly’s awkward talk with President Obama: Besides the dialogue there were things I was looking for during this interview, like body language (O’Reilly spent the whole interview on the edge of his seat), tone and possibly unscripted responses by both of these guys. O’Reilly led off with appreciation over the President’s actions that saved American live in Egypt which was nice (tears?), and led into health care where no real new ground was covered, nor questions we haven’t already heard were asked. I would have to say the most edgy point of the interview was O’Reilly’s “They hate you” statement, to which the Obama looked down for a moment and replied “What they hate is whatever fun-house mirror image of you that’s out there,” “You don’t take it personally.” Every politician has a tell and President Obama looking down at his notes is his, unfortunately this time he wasn’t at a podium and there weren’t any notes. I thought he handled it well but it’s a realization a lot of powerful people don’t deal with as often as they should. People hate Obama, people hated W. It should be included in the job description. I’m going long, so let’s move on.

Not the showdown a lot were looking for but still fascinating to watch..

Christina Aguilera’s Star Spangled PR mess: I had Aguilera at 2:35 and she came in at 1:54. Perhaps, if she would have sung the anthem correctly my guess might have been a little more accurate.

I can’t possibly comprehend how much nerve it takes to have to sing the National Anthem in front of the whole country but that wasn’t what people were talking about the entire night. People will forgive and eventually forget. She’s already apologized but all I can see is Packer’s Coach Mike McCarthy’s face when Aguilera goofed It looked like someone just flipped him off.

She’ll recover, she’s too talented not to, but it’s going to sting for the next couple of months.

Everyone wishes they had a do-over moment in their careers, Aguilera's was last night

Lil’ Vader, Magic Doritos, and Eminem conquer commercial buzz: I thought the commercials last night were great. The VW Vader commercial was easily the night’s favorite and the spot was so good that Volkswagen leaked the commercial last Thursday. I still enjoyed it the second time around and I’m sure it will have a great run.

Eminem’s had not one but two ads running last night. The Brisk ad was kinda lame. The campaign is over a decade old. I liked the Chrysler ad but, when I hear Chrysler I don’t exactly think hip-hop. You can’t be gangsta in a PT Cruiser.

Doritos always spends a lot on Superbowl Sunday and this year was no exception. The finger-licking ad was pretty gross, The Pug charging through the door was funny but predictable. My favorite ad of the night was Doritos bringing Fish, Plants, and even relatives back from the dead. Great product ID, and it was hilarious!

Honorable mention to the Bridgestone “Reply to All” PC destroying commercial and the charming Motorola Tablet ad.

Oh yeah the game.

Packers beat the Steelers: Well, I’m a Bears fan and what can you say when the rivals win. Good game I guess. The game was high scoring and at least it wasn’t dull. Just when you thought the Packers were going to bring the rout on, the Steelers would score and keep it interesting.

The Black-Eyed Peas were kinda lame during half-time. Slash and Usher were pretty cool. They wouldn’t have been able to have me rappel down from the top of Dallas Stadium.

The second half continued with the theme of the first. When you thought the Steelers were going to take the lead, the Packers would force a turnover or the Steelers would get penalized. The Steelers came within 3 points but, when it mattered the most Roethelisberger threw an interception and that was the game.

My Predictions Report Card:Alright, let’s see how I did.

O’Reilly Interview? Check
Aguilera Anthem? X
Cointoss: Check
Irritating Aikman? Check
First commercial, a beer commercial? X- Doritos Pug
Betty White appearance? X
Jay Cutler Disses? Partial credit. They called him 50 cent during the Pre-game cause you can only get 2 quarters out of him.
1st Score: Partial- Rodgers to Nelson
1st Steelers Score- X, but the Packers did have a Pick 6
Black-Eyed Peas- Partial- No wardrobe malfunction but the Producers still weren’t happy!
2nd Half?- X, Everything went down differently including the outcome of the game.
Glee- I’m still waiting on the ratings but I think I got that one right.

Superbowl Sunday was great and even though the Packers won, I’ll actually have to spend my Sundays being productive till next September.

Have a great week guys!