Mayor Jacobs right to ask tough questions about Peforming Arts Center

Happy Friday everyone! What are everyone’s plans for the first football free weekend in six months? I’ll be working and working on some great content for next week.

I always like to end my week on a bright note but, this time that won’t be the case.

You see, as far as the plans for the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center go, everyone is more concerned about what they’re going to wear or say on opening night that they’ve forgotten that the project needs to be funded first. This kind of thinking is not uncommon in development, as the politicians in Florida can be very eager to add an accomplishment like this one to their resumes in time for re-election.

Except for Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs.

Yesterday, Mayor Jacobs sent Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer a memo citing “serious financial and construction-related concerns about DPAC” It’s also been reported that Mayor Jacobs and her staff has found 10 million dollars in potential savings for this performing arts center that has encountered financial hardship at every turn.

Mayor Dyer in turn called a press conference and displayed poor poise in bringing up that he had been blind-sided by the memo and that the city has done it’s part. He also said that he didn’t think the project was financially feasible either.

You know, I don’t care for Mayor Dyer very much but why didn’t he bring this up sooner? He’s been in office for years, Jacobs has been in office for a month. Now I’m not trying to pin one against the other, a city running on all cylinders in concert (no pun intended) is a great city.

One of the first field trips I took during my early time in Orange County Schools was a trip to Bob Carr to see the symphony. Now, naturally I was a young man and I didn’t appreciate it then. I do now and the city needs a new performing arts center.

We’ve just got to be smarter and more honest with ourselves, when it come to paying for it and getting it built.

Let's build it and let's build it right...