Five Funny Things for a Monday (Post Oscars Edition)

Welcome Back! It’s been a while since I’ve done five funny things for a Monday, so let’s get started.

1. The Rail that would not Die:If you’re against high-speed rail, then it’s like a bad villain in an 80′s action movie. Just, when you’ve thought that he’s dead, he springs back to life and makes a final jump at you!

This is once again the case, as Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood extended Florida’s deadline, one more week as lawmakers try to find a way to change Florida Governor Ricks Scott’s mind on the issue or try to circumvent him altogether.

The players are still the same. Governor Scott, with the state house leadership and Tea party united against the plan. Senator Bill Nelson, John Mica and a handfull of others trying to land the 2.4 billion of the 2.7 billion the project requires. Worries about cost overruns and unpredictable private contractors continue to be the main objection to the project.

Rick Scott has said he would “take another look at it”. The way I say I’ll take another look at a buddy’s car that I have no intention of buying.

2. The most boring Oscar ever?: I was lucky enough to be offered a box seat at the Magic game last night, but I also looked forward to checking out the Academy Awards on the DVR when I got home.

Man, that was boring.

I gotta tell you, if I didn’t have Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams to stare at, I might not have finished watching it. The presenters were dull, the speeches long and forgettable, and everyone that we thought would win, did. I did like the King’s Speech, I just like Social Network, The Fighter, and Black Swan better.

I should have cropped Franco out of this photo

3. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s expression during the performing arts press conference last week: Last week, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs formed a separate board that would essentially take over key construction duties from the current DPAC board. Poor vision over expenses, and other discrepancies caused Mayor Jacobs to step in and work with Mayor Dyer in finding a solution.

I couldn’t find a photo, but Mayor Dyer looked like there were about two dozen other places he’d rather be and embarrassed that this happened on his watch.

Let’s hope things get back on track.

4. Protest-a-Palooza: Last week, we had a protest downtown every day of the week stemming from high-speed rail, Libya, Muslim college speakers, and of course the budget. There are big statewide protests planned for next week and a counter protest to that protest.

There are ticked off people everywhere and we just got done with elections a few months ago.

5. Funniest Tweet from the Oscars last night: While Oprah was presenting. “Everyone, look under your seats! Oscars! Oscars for EVERYONE!”