Now that High-Speed rail is dead, you gotta stop Sunrail too right?

Now that the Florida supreme court has sided with Florida Governor Rick Scott, ruling that he has not overstepped his authority by refusing government funds, high speed rail is deader than fried chicken.

Now comes the really big question. The one that Republicans and Democrats, Tea Partiers and hefty lefties alike will be waiting for.

What about Sunrail?

If you examine the reasons behind Rick Scott turning down 2.4 Billion dollars of stimulus money, that being that there can be no guarantee of not putting the taxpayers at risk for having to pick up the extra costs of the project, or having to return the money altogether like he says, then by that same logic Governor Scott will have to kill Sunrail as well.

Florida Legislators bit their tongues on high speed rail and didn’t want to take any political risk by taking a stand against the governor. Will they do the same if he rejects Sunrail?

If Scott signs off on the Sunrail project, will the Tea Party turn against him?

It will be one of the more interesting things to watch in Florida Politics this year.

Is Sunrail next on the chopping block for Rick Scott?