Save our State vs. Awake the State : Rallies will take stage in Tally next week

On one side you’ve got a liberal group protesting attacks on teachers, unions and pensions.

On the other side you’ve got Tea Party pushing for lower taxes and a smaller government.

Who ya got?

It’s been my experience that it’s pretty hard to “Out Tea Party” the Tea Party but we’re going to find next week when we’ll have duel rallies in Tallahassee. The Liberal Awake the State and the Conservative Save our State.

As the legislative session kicks off we’ve got a bunch of “hot button” issues that are almost certain to cause state-wide controversies.

Teacher Merit, Budget cuts, Sunrail. There is something there for everyone to protest about and at the center of it all, the man who has pretty much monopolized this blog over the last year, Florida Governor Rick Scott.

It has the making of a very memorable spring in our state’s capitol and we’ll follow it all here.

President Obama and Jeb Bush Pushing Education in Miami: The President stopped by Miami yesterday in a bi-partisan push to promote his educational agenda. He complimented the Bush family several times and said that he would not quit on any school.

Everyone agrees with this, how it’s done is a different matter altogether. Teacher-merit pay? “Re-investing” in education by moving money around?

This is encouraging but until we start seeing things happen, it’s all just a show.

The President also stopped by to raise money for Senator Bill Nelson’s 2012 Senate Campaign.

It's a start but we need more action